Ronnie Magro Tattoos (2024)

1. Jersey Shore: All The Roommates' Unique Tattoos Explained

  • Apr 24, 2021 · Ronnie has a variety of tattoos that cover both of his biceps. Vinny, who is getting ready to find love on the third season of Double Shot at ...

  • Here's a better look at all of the roommates' tattoos.

2. Jersey Shore's Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Talks Tattoos, Gen-X Biotech, and ...

  • Jul 29, 2019 · Many of Ortiz-Magro's tattoos are centered around his Christianity, his future tattoo plans will involve ink for his daughter, Ariana. Ortiz- ...

  • Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, who brought the iconic Jersey Shore co*cktail “Ron Ron Juice” to America (a watermelon and a handle of vodka), has swapped “juice head” for “productive pothead.”

3. Ronnie (Jersey Shore) Tattoo - TMZ

  • Duration: 1:14Posted: Jun 8, 2011

  • Ronnie from Jersey Shore got a new tattoo that looks more like an Ed Hardy shirt...just the latest in a long line of major regrets.

4. Ron-Ron Got a New Birthday Tattoo -- Fist Pump! - TMZ

  • Dec 14, 2010 · Ronnie endured a six-hour session at Mario Barth's King Ink in Las Vegas earlier this week to complete his heaven and hell themed tattoo.

  • Less than two weeks after Pauly D got some fresh ink, Ronnie from "Jersey Shore" spent some time under the gun and got his arm seriously tatted up.

5. Jersey Shore stars' WILD tattoos featuring Snooki's two half sleeves ...

6. Ronnie Gets Tattoo in Miami - RadarOnline

  • Apr 9, 2010 · Ronnie seems to be in pain while getting a new tattoo in South Beach. 5. Ronnie decides what he wants tattooed and describes it to the tattoo ...

  • Ronnie from Jersey Shore gets a tattoo in Miami Beach.

7. Jersey Shore's Sammi Still Going Strong With Ronnie, Plus PHOTOS ...

  • Sep 15, 2011 · ... Ronnie, Plus PHOTOS of Deena's New Tattoos! ... Sammi Giancolo and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Finally Reunite on Jersey Shore ... Ronnie Ortiz-Magro for ...

  • In today’s shocking news, it turns out Jersey Shore’s resident dysfunctional couple Ronnie and Sammi are still going strong months after getting back together, you know, for the umpteenth time! If you recall, the two called it quits back in January only to reunite while MTV filmed the 4th season in Italy back in May. […]

8. PHOTOS: Tattoo You! Jersey Shore's Ronnie Magro Gets Inked

  • Apr 9, 2010 · We've seen Jersey Shore's resident tough guy Ronnie Magro throwing his weight around plenty of times, but on Thursday, photographers caught ...

  • We've seen Jersey Shore's resident tough guy Ronnie Magro throwing his weight around plenty of times, but on Thursday, photographers caught the beefy alpha male

9. Mario Barth tattoos Jersey Shores Ronnie Magro at King Ink at The...

10. How Many Tattoos Does The Cast Of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Have?

  • Dec 10, 2019 · ... tattoo that reads "Let Go Let God" — that he famously got on the original Jersey Shore series in 2012. As for Ronnie Ortiz-Magro? The celeb ...

  • With their net worth still rising, the Jersey Shore fam has no problem splurging a little. One of their favorite things to drop a few dollars on? Fresh ink. And between all the cast members, they've accumulated quite a few tattoos over the years.

11. Ronnie Magro Gets New Tattoo, Ups Douche Quotient

  • Dec 14, 2010 · Ronnie Magro Gets New Tattoo, Ups Douche Quotient ... Celebrating his birthday weekend in Vegas in style, Ronnie Magro from Jersey Shore spent ...

  • Celebrating his birthday weekend in Vegas in style, Ronnie Magro from Jersey Shore spent some time under the (tattoo) gun and got some new ink. Ronnie endured a six-hour session at Mario Barth's King Ink

12. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro - Page 7 - TMZ

  • Ronnie from 'Jersey Shore' Indicted for Punch. 12/17/10. Ron-Ron Got a New Birthday Tattoo -- Fist Pump! 12/14/10. 'Jersey' Ronnie's Vegas Birthday -- $11,000 ...

13. Jersey Shore's Ronnie Ortiz-Magro shares rare pics of daughter Ariana ...

  • Apr 1, 2024 · Her father wore navy blue swim trunks, a blue and orange tank top that exposed his collection of arm tattoos, and sunglasses. Advertisem*nt ...

  • JERSEY Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has shared a sweet birthday tribute for his rarely-seen 6-year-old daughter, Ariana. Fans haven’t seen Ronnie, 38, on Jersey Shore’s Family Vacation…

14. Jersey Shore's Ronnie Breaks Down Over Failed Relationships

  • Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's relationship with Jen Harley has been a roller coaster of ups and downs — and he finally cracked. On Thursday's episode of Jersey Shore ...

  • Jersey Shore: Ronnie Breaks Down Over Failed Relationship with Jen Harley

15. Sammi 'Sweetheart' dishes on filming 'Jersey Shore' with Ronnie

  • Feb 3, 2024 · ... Ronnie Ortiz-Magro wasn't ideal ... ronnie ortiz-magro · 2/3/24 · Read Next Dad got 'massive' tattoo of Taylor Swift and Travis Ke...

  • Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola said filming Season 7 of “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” with her ex Ronnie Ortiz-Magro wasn’t ideal.

16. Jwoww Archives - InkedMag

  • Inked Recommends. GOOGLE AD 980 × 90 px. Jersey Shore's Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Talks Tattoos, Gen-X Biotech, and How His Daughter Has Changed His Life. July 29 ...

17. Ronnie & Sammi Are Reuniting On Jersey Shore After More Than A ...

  • Apr 11, 2024 · Get ready for Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Samantha 'Sammi Sweetheart' Giancola to finally reunite on camera, y'all... The duo was obviously the ...

  • Get ready for Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Samantha 'Sammi Sweetheart' Giancola to finally reunite on camera, y'all... The duo was obviously the most notable

Ronnie Magro Tattoos (2024)


What is Pauly D's back tattoo? ›

When the original show was still airing, Pauly D made an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, during which he explained his seven tattoos at the time. A majority of them were on his back, including the Italian flag and his name. A tattoo down his side reads Cadillac, which is his favorite automobile.

Does Deena have tattoos? ›

But it seems Deena Cortese is quite ready to give her fellow female cast members a run for their money in the tacky stakes. The 23-year-old pint-sized guidette showed off her new rather gaudy tattoo as she left the Jersey Shore house this afternoon.

What happened to Ron's face in Jersey Shore season 4? ›

Ron is worried about the whereabouts of his daughter. Ron woke up Jenni and Nicole to tell them what happened with Jen last night. She spit in his face, hit him, and the cops were called. They told him it was domestic violence.

Does Vinny from Jersey Shore have tattoos? ›

Vinny Guadagnino made his return to MTV's "Jersey Shore" on the Jan. 26 episode, and he couldn't wait to show his fellow cast members his new tattoo. Inked across the star's chest in scripted, black letters were the words "Let Go Let God."

Is Vinny's neck tattoo real? ›

Are Vinnie's tattoos real in Brassic? In short, yes!

Did Pauly D get a DNA test? ›

She recently gave birth to the baby girl and now she has filed court papers in New Jersey to formally establish paternity, but TMZ says Pauly has taken a DNA test and knows he's the dad. Pauly D, 33, retweeted a message that read, "You'll make a Great Father Bro, Crazy News." "Thank you," he answered.

Why does JWoww have a beauty and the beast tattoo? ›

A longtime Disney fan, JWoww chose to get Ariel and Eric, Belle and the Beast, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty tattooed on her arm. "It is sort of like 'Happily never after,'" JWoww told Inked. "I took my four favorite Disney love stories and flipped them so they are more rooted in reality."

Why did Deena get banned from Jersey? ›

(CBS/AP) Deena Cortese of MTV's "The Jersey Shore" has been banned for two years from a restaurant where she got drunk while on the show. New Jersey's Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control on Thursday announced a settlement that bars Cortese from Spicy Cantina & Mexican Grille in Seaside Heights.

Why did Jersey Shore cut off Ron? ›

Why Did Ronnie Leave 'Jersey Shore'? The MTV vet announced his departure from the long-running reality series in May 2021 just days after he was arrested on domestic violence charges.

Why did Ron and Saffire break up? ›

"He always supported her education, her business and her mental, emotional and physical well being." Meanwhile, a source close to Saffire tells E! News that she left the relationship to "focus on her family and career." "She supported him and his mental health," the second insider says. "She tried her best."

Did Sammi and Ron film together? ›

Ronnie and Sammi Finally Film Jersey Shore Together - After Saying He Hopes They 'Can Coexist' Making the dreaded reunion a little easier for Giancola was having her boyfriend Justin May, who she began dating in 2021, join her on the show.

How much weight did Vinny from Jersey Shore lose? ›

The reality star, who lost 50 pounds after changing his lifestyle with the keto diet — and by adding more G into his GTL lifestyle — wrote the book with help from mom, Paola Guadagnino, and health coach Karissa Long. “I was yo-yo dieting,” Guadagnino says. “Dropping weight before filming then gaining it all back.

Does Angelina from Jersey Shore have tattoos? ›

Angelina, 36, took to her Instagram Story on Sunday, October 30, to share a video in which she posed in only a black bra and underwear. Several of her tattoos were on full display, including stars on her hip and her sleeve.

Does Pauly D have tattoos? ›


Pauly's tattoos are patriotic, and celebrate his ethnicity. The 41-year-old displays a giant Italian Flag going down his back, right above his name. A tattoo down his side reads "Cadillac," which is his favorite car.

What tattoo did Cara give Paulie? ›

Meanwhile, she chose an even more specific design for him: A literal photo of HERSELF! “No matter what happens between me and Paulie in the future, he's going to have a permanent reminder that I'm the best sex of his life,” Cara laughed, when explaining her inspiration.

What does the nautical star symbolize? ›

This symbol is part of the tradition of sailor tattoos. A nautical star represented the North Star, with the idea that this symbol would help a sailor navigate or stay on course, including finding their way back to port or back home. A nautical star tattoo can also indicate that a person has crossed the North Sea.

What does a 3 star tattoo mean? ›

3 Star Tattoo Meaning & Symbolism (Journey). For some people, 3 star tattoo represents the trinity of important concepts or figures in their lives. Others may use it as a symbol of hope or resilience, as the...

What is the tattoo on the back of Chris Brown's head? ›

Prior to his face tattoo, the "Kiss Kiss" rapper's most shocking ink was his massive Venus de Milo tattoo that he got on the back of his head in 2015. With the majority of his body occupied by tattoos, it seems that Brown's face is now becoming a canvas for future ink.


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