Walmart shuts three more stores as the total closures for 2024 hits 11 (2024)

Walmart has decided to close three more stores across the US, bringing this year's total number of failed locations to 11.

The retail giant said these three stores - located in Georgia and Colorado - underperformed financially.

The metro area of Atlanta will be losing one location in Marietta and one in Dunwoody on July 12, though Walmart stressed in a statement that there are nine other stores in the area customers can switch to.

The third Walmart to shut down was in Aurora, which is just east of Denver. It served shoppers for the last time on June 7.

Below, lists all the 11 Walmart closures for this year and the 23 from last year - and here is a map showing where they are in the US.

Walmart has announced 11 store closures so far for 2024. Last year, it shut 23

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Employees at all three stores will have the opportunity to be transferred to alternate locations, Walmart announced.

Both Atlanta stores combined employed nearly 400 people, all of whom are eligible for transfer and will be paid through September 20, WSB-TVreported.

Meanwhile, the store in Aurora said it would be moving its 130 employees to nearby location.

This comes after Walmart, which still has a massive 4,000-store footprint across the US, closed 23 locations last year.

Amid rising shoplifting and persistent inflation, retail turmoil isn't isolated to Walmart though, with dollar stores in particular being among the hardest hit.

In April,99 Cents Only announced it would shutter all 371 of its locationsacross California, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.

And over the next couple of years,1,000 Family Dollars and Dollar Trees will permanently shut.

This year, Walmart has shuttered the most in California. The state has seenfour of its stores shut so far in 2024. The retailer shut two there on February 9.

One of those in February was a Neighborhood Market in San Diego. Another a standard Walmart in El Cajon, 16 miles outside San Diego.

The retailer then shut a supercenter in West Covina - 20 miles east of Los Angeles - on March 29.

A fourth to go in California was a Sacramento-area store on April 12.

Meanwhile, on February 16, a store was shut on South High Street in Columbus, Ohio.

And a Walmart in a shopping center in Towson, Maryland, closed on April 5, after 20 years.

This supercenter in Dunwoody, Georgia, employs 303 people and will close on July 12

This store in Marietta, Georgia, is the second Walmart to close in the metro area of Atlanta. As a neighborhood market, it employs 92 people, far fewer than a typical Walmart supercenter

The store in Aurora, Colorado, closed on June 7, affecting 130 employees. This location was also a neighborhood market

Eleven closures in 2024


2121 Imperial Ave in San Diego* - shut Feb 9

605 Fletcher Parkway in El Cajon - shut Feb 9

2753 E. Eastland Center Dr in West Covina - shut Mar 29

4080 Douglas Blvd in Granite Bay* - shut Apr 12

40580 Albrae St in Freemont, - shut on May 24


1238 Putty Hill Ave in Towson - shut Apr 5


3579 S. High St in Columbus - shut Feb 16


7025 West Main St in Milwaukee - shut May 17


4725 Ashford Dunwoody Rd in Dunwoody - shuts July 12

3101 Roswell Rd in Marietta* - shuts July 12


10400 E Colfax Ave in Aurora* - shut June 7

* Neighborhood Markets

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Affecting 105 workers, a store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin had its final day on Friday, May 17.

A week later, a superstore with 156 staff shut in Freemont in the Bay Area of California.

The Freemont store was targeted by thieves in recent years.

Supercenters, which employ about 300 people across around 182,000 square feet, are the standard big-box Walmart outlets that sell everything from groceries to electronics and home furnishings.

Walmart Neighborhood Markets - employing about 95 people and covering 38,000 square feet - are smaller. They focus on food, household supplies and normally have a pharmacy.

Over the last year and a half, Walmart's total number of stores fell by 108, from 4,717 in January 2023 to 4,609 now.

That's because - in addition to the 34 standard store closures since the beginning of 2023 - Walmart got rid of a combined 79Moosejaw and Bonobos locations after selling the two retailers.

Despite the closures, Walmart has pledged to open 150 new stores over the next five years.

And it also said last year it would remodel 650 stores across 47 states.

Last year, major US chainsincluding Target, CVS, Macy's and Rite Aid were behind nearly 3,000 stores closures in 2023, all of them blaming the dwindling numbers of in-person shoppers, recession fears and shoplifting.

To address the latter, retailers, including Walmart, are removing self checkout machines because they've been shown to be vulnerable to stealing.

The Walmarts in Shrewsbury, Missouri, and Cleveland, Ohio, scrapped self checkout lanes entirely, replacing them with staffed aisles.

Despite the number of Walmarts shrinking for the last year and a half, the company's stock recently hit an all time high after a rosy first quarter earnings report in May.

It cited 21 percent growth in e-commerce sales as one of its strongest indicators of positive performance going into 2024.

Walmart shuts three more stores as the total closures for 2024 hits 11 (2024)


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