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Tae took off his lower while sitting on jungkook surprising him as he was wearing a white satin panty

Jungkook groans before he wraps one arm around Taehyung's waist while the other roams over his milky thigh. His big warm hand glide over the smooth skin, giving it a soft squeeze. Taehyung squirms in his lap, trying to close his thighs but unable to

Jk: only Jeon Jungkook can have Kim Taehyung

Tae: yes hyung only you can have me

Taehyung says sensually as he buries his finger in Jungkook's hair, gripping it harshly when he kisses him harder. Whine leaves his lips when Jungkook's insistent warm tongue keeps rubbing at his small tongue

Jungkook starts tugging onto tae's panties sliding them off from tae

It's so wet and so filthy but it feels so good because Taehyung is so wet, slick dripping from his hole. He's dripping down on Jungkook's sweatpants.

Jungkook might feel the wetness when he mutters a 'f*ck' and holds Taehyung's small waist with his hands, making him grind down on his dick.

Tae: Ahn~

Taehyung moans when he feels his hole rubbing on the hard shaft. the rough fabric of Jungkook's sweats being the only barrier separating his hole and Jeongguk's co*ck.

Jungkook sneaks a hand to Taehyung's chest, squeezing it roughly making him let out the filthiest moan.

Tae: aahn~ hyung

Taehyung throws his head back at the sensation, his co*ck being rubbed on Jungkook's hard co*ck sends a tingly sensation in his lower Jungkook's eyes haze with lust, his eyes fixated on his lap, his dick straining against his sweats, a wet patch visible

Taehyung's slick mixing with his precum soiling his clothes. There's nothing hotter than Tae leaking like a faucet & the fact that he's a virgin making Jungkook groan at the thought that

Jk: I am your first. And I’ll make sure that I am your last. Come on baby lemme make you feel good

Tae: Yes hyung

Taehyung calling jungkook hyung was not at all helping the situation it was making jungkook more horny

Jungkook flipped their position. Now Taehyung is under jungkook

Taehyung looks sinful, his sweater rolled up, hair is a mess. Eyes dazed, squirming in the silk sheets.

Tae lifts his hip up for friction now tae’s hole over Jungkook's co*ck rubbing up & down like a desperate bitch in heat

He doesn't think Jungkook minds what he's doing if his dark eyes are anything to go by. Looking at him as if he's going to devour him whole.

Jungkook hovers above him like a predator cornering his prey.

Jk: Are you sure baby?

Jungkook says huskily, burying his face in Taehyung's neck.

Tae: Please~

Taehyung moans when Jungkook bites his neck, sucking the skin in his mouth before licking it, leaving pretty bruises behind.

He loves leaving hickey on Taehyung. It feeds a possessive part of him.

He grips Taehyung's waist before lowering his hips in the middle. Slowly Grinding down into the warm heart between Taehyung's legs.

Jk: f*ck baby, so hot

Jungkook groans in his ear, his breath coming out ragged, Taehyung spreads his thighs, even more, moaning when Jungkook's thick co*ck brushes over his weeping hole.

Taehyung snaps his hips instinctively.

Tae: Ahn hyung please

He moans when Jungkook kisses him on the lips again

Jk: Yeah princess

With that Jungkook takes off his sweater and so does tae. Jungkook also takes off his sweatpants and underwear, getting his co*ck out & giving it a few strokes, his breathing hard as he pumps it furiously, the fire skin easing up and down showing the tip occasionally.

Taehyung's eyes are trained hungrily on Jungkook, watching ‘His’ man stroke himself in front of him is so hot. It's so hot it makes Taehyung whine and ache between his legs.

Jungkook shuffles forward, gliding his co*ck up and down Taehyung's wet ass crack, the head catching on Taehyung's hole sliding through the opening of tae’s hole making him jolt occasionally.

Jk: i will f*ck you without any prep

Jungkook groans when Taehyung clenches on his tip, Jungkook Slowly eases his co*ck in, when he's a few inches in then he hears Taehyung whimper, gripping the soft bed sheets in his tiny fist.

Jk: Shhh baby look at me"

Jungkook says holding Taehyung's hand in both of his, pinning them beside his head, hovering over him so Taehyung's eyes are on him.

Jk: Look at me yes ahhh so f*cking tight and wet baby, mhmm so f*cking warm inside swallowing me so well

Jungkook keeps moaning, slowly pushing his co*ck inside, Taehyung's head rolls back when Jungkook is buried to the hilt, he feels so big inside him that Taehyung clenches down on it, making Jungkook groan feeling his dick being suffocated by warm wet walls.

Jungkook instinctively snaps his hips forward when Taehyung moans.

Jk: sh*t baby, those sounds f* filthy

Jungkook groans, burying his face in Taehyung's neck, grinding his hips forward not moving out. Letting him get used to the stretch as it is tae’s first time

It doesn't feel burning, it just stings slightly, the wetness making it a lot easier, also their heater makeout sessions never failed to make Taehyung sopping wet. Feeling empty.

Tae: Ahhhhhnnnnnn~

Taehyung draws out a moan when Jungkook pulls back a little and slowly pushes back in.

Jungkook stands on his knees, Taehyung legs spread on the mattress.

Jungkook's eyes zero into the soft mounds of tae, it wasn’t like a girl but better, he runs his hands up from Taehyung's lithe waist to his ribs, slowly circling his rough palm around his breast and giving it a meticulous squeeze.

Tae: Mmhhhhmm

Taehyung whines a moan when the rough palm kneads his breast, rolling his head back and arching his spine.

Jungkook rubs his rough pad of thumb over the tender tips, making Taehyung whine from the stimulation.

Tae: f*ck baby, look at these tit*, would love to suck them dry

Jungkook says filthily, making Taehyung whine out loud at those dirty words. The thought of Jungkook's hot mouth and warm wet tongue over his nipples makes him squirm out of anticipation.

Jungkook pinches the tips of those nipples between his index and thumb and squeezes them gently before running his palm over the tips in a circular motion, twisting them again in delicious pain.

Tae: Ahnnnn

Taehyung moans when Jungkook abuses his nipples, squeezing his breast roughly, the milky smooth skin gaining red hand imprints from Jungkook's rough treatment. Jungkook twists and tugs on the poor tips till they're flushed pink all perked up before powering himself over Taehyung

His hot mouth hovered over the abused tips making Taehyung whine from anticipation, Jungkook's saliva dripped onto the flushed tips making Taehyung whine and arch into his mouth. Jungkook finally takes the poor nipples in his mouth, flicking the tip with his tongue, licking it roughly before sucking on it. Hard.

Taehyung moans as he grips Jungkook's hair, pulling him towards himself, and pushing his chest more into Jungkook's mouth

Jungkook gladly sucks into the rosy nipples until they're swollen, his hips gradually moving forward and pulling back to push forward again

Successfully distracting from the pain Jungkook's hips start gaining momentum, snapping hips forward harshly once that gets Taehyung moaning under him.

Taehyung's hands hold his back, scratching down his back painfully, his back burns from the stings but nothing compares to the warm heart between Taehyung's legs.

Tae: Ahn ahn ahn ahn ahna hnnnmm gukk hannn hnnn

Taehyung moans when Jungkook f*cks him relentlessly, his hips snapping forward at a rhythmic pace making him whine.

Jungkook switches from his right nipples to his left nipples making

Taehyung arch into his mouth, tears gather in Taehyung's eyes at the overwhelming pleasure running through his body, Jungkook f*cking his hole and abusing his nipples in his mouth making Taehyung cry out loud.

Body arching up to him, Jungkook holds Taehyung down by his waist, looking up at tae drool dripping from his mouth, eyes hazy as they settle on Taehyung's naked frame, Taehyung looks ruined for the lack of better words.

Tae’s hair is messy, he's crying. Tears dripped down his red eyes, nose tip flushed red, lips bitten pink, his nipples wet and flushed pink, all swollen and perked up from Jungkook's abuse.

Jk: sh*t baby, you look f*cking ruined, do I f*ck you that good huh?

Jungkook says holding Taehyungs hips a little upwards before rapidly f*cking his co*ck into him

Tae: ahn ahn ahn ahn ahn hyunggggg ahnnnn~

Taehyung keeps moaning when Jungkook f*cks him a little deeper, his bare tip touching that soft muscle inside him making him shake out of his bones

Taehyung thighs shake from where they spread around him before they fall into the bed. All open of Jungkook to see and f*ck

Taehyung twists the bedsheet in his little first, twisting and turning from overwhelming pleasure when Jungkook's co*ck continuously f*cks his sweet spot, abusing his ass hole.

Tae: Gukkk hngggggg ahnnnnmmmmm ahn ahn ahn

Taehyung keeps moaning when Jungkook f*cks him, never stopping his moans. Jungkook keeps groaning, his breaths coming out harshly when he closes his eyes and bites his lips, focusing on Taehyung's warm velvety smooth walls swallowing his rock-hard co*ck, his precum continuously dribbling out smearing inside Taehyung's wall.

Jk: f*ck baby look at you so tiny yet swallowing me so f*cking good, think I'm gonna f*cking melt inside you. So f*cking warm this f*cking hole

Taehyung looks at him, he remembers when he first saw Jungkook, he looked so hot so rough, he had looked at Taehyung darkly, then too his dimples popped out making him look so f*cking hot.

Now his hair messy, moving with his every movement as he f*cks him, Taehyung arches his back and moans out loud. He always dreamed of this hot Jungkook now finally getting to see him in his raw form f*cking him into tears. Taehyung thinks this is heaven.

Tae: Ahn ahn guk sl-slow down ahnnnn

Jungkook laughs maniacally breathless, forehead sweaty, his biceps bulging from where he's upholding Taehyung hips to f*ck him in a better position, his neck vein is throbbing and he looks angry and so hot

Taehyung whines and squirms his hips, heat setting in his lower belly rapidly.

Jk: Isn't this what you wanted pretty baby, for me to f*ck you into tears in my sheets

Jungkook keeps f*cking his co*ck into the abused virgin hole, a tiny bit of blood coating his dick but he doesn't remember seeing Taehyung in pain.

Jk: Does it hurt baby? huh tell hyung

Jungkook asks breathlessly, his pace slowing down, now lazily thrusts his co*ck in and out.

Taehyung whines at the loss of stimulation, the heat in his belly relentless to settle.

Tae: Noooo hyung nooo, feels so good please please ahnn please~

Taehyung looks at him with teary eyes. Begging for him to f*ck his hole, at least he's now sure that Taehyung didn't feel any pain, so that means Jungkook broke his hymn without him feeling any pain?

Jungkook smirks a stranger possessive pride filling his heart before he starts f*cking Taehyung like a beast.

Jk: Yeah, baby? want Hyung to f*ck you? Tell me what you want baby

Jungkook groans in Taehyung's ears, lowering his hips before pounding Taehyungs into the sheets, his hips snapping fast burying his co*ck into the warm heat, the slick wet sound of his co*ck hitting Taehyung's weeping puss* makes everything even more filthy.

Tae: C-co*ck, want your co*ck hyung

Taehyung lets out between his broken cries, Jungkook's thrusts not letting him speak.

Jungkook holds Taehyung's hands and pins them beside his head before slotting their lips together.

Jungkook swallows Taehyung's every moan and whine, groaning into his mouth when he starts clenching around him, Jungkook separates their lips before looking down where they're connected, Taehyung looks down to see Jungkook's co*ck f*cking his poor virgin hole fast like he whines when Jungkook's pubic hair tickles tae’s co*ck tip.

Jk: do you want hyung’s cum/ want hyung to make you plum with my kids huh?

Jungkook groans, saying this on Taehyung's lips who whine and look him in the eyes, his teary eyes look so cute and vulnerable it makes Jungkook groan.

Tae: yes, want to be mama of hyung’s kids want hyung’s cum in me, i-i need it

Their lips sliding together but not kissing, Jungkook's thrusts are rapid and harsh.With the sole purpose of making Taehyung cum.

Tae: Ahn kko- kook ahnnn i feel- i feel ahnnn

Jungkook hears Taehyung moan and he f*cks him meticulously.

Jk: Yeah baby, cum. Come on squirt like my good boy

That was supposed to be the last straw for Taehyung, when he heard Jungkook call him 'good boy' the heat in his belly snapped before white ropes of cum flew on jungkook’s abs, clamping down on it hard

Jungkook groans when Taehyung's wetness, making it even more filthy, Taehyung clenched around him continuously until Jungkook's co*ck spurts warm sem*n inside him making him feel wet and also full.

Jungkook groans loudly, f*cking his co*ck in and out slowly of Taehyungs hole milking his co*ck inside the warm heat.

He pulls out his slimy wet co*ck when it starts softening, slowly stroking the sensitive co*ck and milking it on Taehyung's hole, his co*ck keeps spurting cum making Taehyung whine at the warm slimy feeling over his ass.

Jungkook puts his hand on Taehyung's hips, spreading the filth all over his hole and rubbing it over his overly sensitive entrance, Taehyung's hips twitch before he whines, squirming his hips away from the evil fingers

Jungkook puts his middle and ring finger inside Taehyung's hole, f*cking the cum back into his abused hole making him cry out of oversensitivity

Jungkook's soft dick bobs between his legs, half hard at the filthy sight of Taehyung's most intimate part covered in his cum.

It feeds his possessiveness.

Taehyung belongs to him, f*ck yeah.

He's so obsessed with him


End of smut

Cold Mafia and his Sassy Princess - Taekook_knotted - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys (2024)


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