Momoka's New Maid - IcySaltEX (2024)

"Well, it looks like you're all set to become a maid here at the Sakurai estate."

"That's all?"

"Yes, you meet all the qualifications to work for the mistress. We'll be starting first thing tomorrow morning, see you then."

This was Alice's best career choice yet.

A massive mansion spanning several miles across came into view as Alice approached her new workplace. The black haired, brown eyed, just over seven feet tall woman was used to childcare jobs; her strong yet motherly figure made them seem natural. She made sure to keep in shape through weightlifting so she could tackle any tough job. Yet she hadn't seen any maid jobs before that offered so much money just to do the same things she was used to doing.

The large door slowly swung open, revealing a wall of a gravid belly poorly hidden by a maid outfit and breasts the size of Alice's torso. Alice had to crane her neck upwards to meet the eyes of the dragon woman opening the door for her. Feelings of envy washed over Alice, she felt outclassed by the matronly dragon woman before her. Chandelier lights shined on her golden scales and amber hair, she was a golden goddess of draconic motherhood… her only flaw being that her horns had clearly been snapped off at some point.

"Welcome dear, I'm the head maid, Sylvia. I'll be showing you around today. Let's get you in uniform before we wake the young mistress" Sylvia said.

Alice was led down an ornate hall that had to have been longer than a city block. Human and anthro maids alike were hustling and bustling about, all quite beautiful in different ways, yet strangely all in various stages of pregnancy. Alice had wondered why so many pregnant women were working there, yet she could overlook that detail as long as she got her paycheck.

The strangest thing was that Alice saw maids using a forklift and hauling what looked like lumpy tree trunks made of solid gold. They were steaming so much that the window rapidly fogged over, turning completely yellow; the paint even started peeling on her side of the wall. Alice felt a fire light up in her loins that she hadn't felt before, an intense need to have something stuffed inside her.

"What are those girls doing over there?" Alice asked her guide.

"Ah, don't worry about them, they're still cleaning up a bit after the young mistress had a little leak last night" Sylvia replied, leaving Alice more confused than before.

Several pregnant maids expertly took Alice's measurements once she arrived at the dressing room at the end of the hall.

"No need to wait long, we'll have your uniform in a few minutes. We make hundreds of adjustments a day, the mistress makes that a necessity," chuckled one of the seamstress maids.

Like she said, Alice's uniform finished in minutes. She felt like it would fit more in some kind of maid lingerie cosplay than as an actual maid's work uniform, it barely covered a third of her breasts or her ass… Nevertheless, she accepted her new attire, it was worth the paycheck.

"Alright, it's almost seven A.M., the mistress will be waking up soon. I'll lead you to her room so you can follow her daily activities; that will be all the training you need for now," instructed Sylvia as she began leading Alice along yet again.

The two made their way to a door at the back of the mansion that was even taller than Sylvia. The temperature seemed to increase with every step towards the mistress's room, even though there was clearly air conditioning throughout the mansion. Alice was reminded of the heady stench from those golden logs she saw earlier, it kept getting stronger and muskier; it felt like she was blasted by a solid wall of it as Sylvia opened the door.

Alice had almost expected to see piles of heavily pregnant maids strewn throughout the room with more of that yellow substance, yet she was surprised by how spotless the room was. In the center of the room there was an ornate looking bed, strangely supported by what seemed to be a huge block of solid metal. On top of the bed laid a naked sleeping little girl with soft, fluffy looking shoulder length blonde hair; she couldn't have been older than a kindergarten student. In stark contrast to her smooth, youthful body stood a steaming erect co*ck that was long enough to touch the vaulted ceiling, which was at least twice as tall as Sylvia, with an umbrella-like glans that was wider than the entire Alaska King sized bed the little girl slept on. It was like a redwood tree riddled with anaconda sized veins and a brutal, spiky mushroom top. Each spike dotting the girl's co*ck had to have been larger than an average penis, with the longest looking like they could impale a woman through her stomach. It looked like it had been polished clean, without a drop of smegm* under the little girl's taught foreskin… Alice realized she could probably sleep in it. Blankets of steam wafted off of the little girl's co*ck with every heartbeat driven throb and fell over Alice, spreading a warming, tingly sensation upon and throughout her body.

Alice was stunned, she hadn't realized she was going to be a maid for the biggest f*cking stud on the planet, who just happened to be an adorable young girl. Her crotch was hot and dripping, a new sensation for her… Her ovaries throbbed as she unconsciously ovulated as hard as possible, her body deciding that it needed to be impregnated by the virility goddess before her.

Underneath the massive co*ck were two orbs that Alice would have initially guessed to be some kind of massive, nearly car sized pillows, yet she had a feeling she knew what they actually were. Sylvia stepped forward towards the bed and grabbed the blanket, gently dragging it off of the giant balls they were covering while releasing a plume of steam which the dragon woman inhaled deeply.

"It's time to wake up, Miss Momoka," Sylvia whispered, blushing, before placing a kiss on one of the girl's testicl*s. The air around the dragon woman started to distort from the heat released from Momoka's testicl*s. Sylvia leaned in and gave them a loving hug to rouse her mistress, her draconic nature must have protected her from being burned by the clearly scalding hot testicl*s she was lovingly caressing.

The room shook as the young girl's testicl*s roared in response to their stimulation, prompting Momoka to awaken from her peaceful slumber. She slowly rose as her co*ck and balls rapidly shrank to a more manageable size, which was still several feet long erect with basketball sized testicl*s. Alice almost lost her footing, it was as if every one of the little girl's heartbeats shook the room as they shrunk her co*ck. An unimaginable volume of blood must have been moving throughout her body at her whim. She must have been clenching her muscles to quell her morning wood, as all of them had gone from invisible under her soft, childish form, to looking more shredded than the world's top athletes. Alice could have sworn the little girl had at least an eight pack, yet judging by her hands, the little girl had never lifted anything heavy in her whole life, perhaps besides herself; her muscles were effortless and all natural.

She scooted herself to the edge of the bed and began to stretch herself awake while relaxing the tension in her muscles. The bed frame groaned and screeched in response; the metal compressed and bent out of shape under the little girl's weight as easily as someone crumpling an aluminum can.

"It looks like you've gained more weight mistress, how wonderful! I'll have the science department look into a stronger superalloy to support you" Sylvia said excitedly.

Momoka rubbed the sleep from her piercing emerald eyes before sleepily muttering "Sylvia, I have to take a piss."

"Of course Miss Momoka," Sylvia chimed before hurrying over to the back of the room and opening another massive set of doors, filling the chamber with sunlight and exposing the massive, empty expanse that laid behind the mansion.

"Miss Momoka hasn't ever been able to use a normal bathroom in years, she was melting toilets and overfilling olympic swimming pools before she was a year old, so the maids at the science department developed a rather simple solution. It's a ten square mile wide, forty mile deep pit that the mistress can use to relieve herself… though it's been getting a bit close recently" Sylvia chuckled nervously.

"Well, it's actually two separate pits separated by a hundred foot thick carbon steel wall, the second pit is just as large" Sylvia explained. "The young mistress has to relieve herself fully several times a day, so we have the best, most sophisticated machinery available to process her output so she always has room."

Momoka had already started making her way to her restroom while garnering a crowd of dozens of maids who had come to greet their master with a bow and to watch her relieve herself.

"We even replaced the marble at the edges of the pit overnight, we want mistress Momoka to have a refined, enjoyable experience after all" Sylvia added, continuing to try and explain the situation to the obviously dumbfounded Alice, who wondered "Why would the marble even need to be replaced?"

Alice was in a trance, she couldn't keep her eyes off of her new master's two foot long co*ck slapping between her legs as she walked. Some maids had gotten to work making repairs behind her, as every one of Momoka's steps left a small, foot shaped hole in the ground. The little girl approached the pit, lightly grasped her co*ck, and casually let her morning piss loose, starting at a pressure ridiculous enough that the mere sound of her piss stream was louder than Niagara falls, and that was without the sound bouncing back from forty miles down.

Momoka yawned, the monstrous beam of amber piss was nothing to her. The growing piss beam reached half a mile wide, enough to scrape against the wall closest to Momoka. It ripped away a thin layer of marble and dozens of feet of steel before Sylvia stepped forward and tapped Momoka on the side of her co*ck, making her slightly shift her stream to avoid destroying the barrier. It seemed that small gesture brought Sylvia to her knees, just touching her master's co*ck as it pumped out untold amounts of urine was enough to send her into the throes of pleasure.

Marble next to where the little girl's stream made contact was left sizzling from the acidity, rapidly devolving into amber piss slurry. The steel wasn't looking much better, as it was glowing red hot and sloughing away as Momoka's molten piss had easily exceeded the 1400 degree celsius melting point of the steel wall. The view of Momoka's destructive piss was rapidly obstructed by the amber smog expanding across the horizon.

Alice was on her knees, her legs had given out at the display of sheer and virility as the pheromonal haze choking out the air filled her lungs. She crawled closer to Momoka, need had overcome her; she could barely see anything else besides Momoka and her stream; her surroundings had been completely enveloped in Momoka's thick piss miasma. The more seasoned maids were busy blasting their cl*ts as they were rapidly overcome by the dense amber steam wafting off of the girls idle stream.

Minutes seemed to pass as Alice's body writhed in pleasure. Her mind had been overtaken and her hands were moving on their own, she couldn't stop masturbating, joining the other maids in their moans of pleasure. She could hear and feel it, the blast of her master's piss was only getting closer, she was filling up four thousand cubic miles with her first piss of the day. It didn't take much longer for her to overflow her inadequate toilet.

A tsunami of honey thick molten piss slop had been pushed over the far edge of Momoka's toilet and into the forest beyond it. Trees either burst into flames or disintegrated to ash on contact. The ground itself was made permanently barren, the ridiculously high concentration of nutrients would take several planets worth of freshwater to rinse out. The overflow barely mattered, as Momoka had unconsciously started extending her toilet herself. Her extra concentrated morning piss had started melting through the ground, rapidly dissolving bedrock and reaching the mantle, while adding an extra 15 square miles ahead to her pissing range; though it was currently packed with too much piss slop for the science department to process in a day.

Her stream finally let up and she gave her co*ck a shake, flinging droplets of piss that sizzled straight through the marble floor she stood upon.

"Maybe I shouldn't have drank an extra cup of water last night… oh well" said Momoka, before walking back inside to brush her teeth. A few more drops of piss formed a trail behind her, sizzling straight through the marble pathway, more for the maids to repair before her next piss.

"Girls, have her toilet extended an extra fifty miles wide, it seems our Momoka has exceeded her growth expectations yet again. Also, tell the finance department that they'll likely have to compensate any government bodies or families affected by the mistress's flood" Sylvia instructed, before getting a call on a cellphone stuffed into her uniform's pocket. "It seems Momoka's urine has melted through the steel flooring of the pit and is currently eating away at the mantle, I suppose she's already making some expansions without our help… We need to work harder for our mistress!"

A moment later, Sylvia proceeded to scoop up the pissdrunk Alice, who hadn't been able to stop herself from masturbating.

"Next, we'll head to the dining hall" the dragon woman said while carrying Alice over her shoulder, giving her some time to recover the use of her legs.

The girls passed through another corridor in order to reach a dining hall with several long, ornately decorated tables with hundreds of seats that were rapidly getting filled by maids from various departments of Momoka's caretaking team. Momoka herself sat at a table next to the kitchen, which was surrounded by hurried maids and rapidly being buried under plates of gourmet foods.

"It seems the girls you saw on your way in are a bit late in hauling our meal over here, but it's going to come out now" Sylvia told Alice, who was starting to regain her senses.

Momoka had already begun devouring tens of pounds of food a second as a team of maids struggled to serve her at the pace she ate. Alice stared at her in awe, the little girl was eating enough to feed every woman in the room without her stomach distending in the slightest. Whole roasted animal carcasses were disappearing behind the girls' jaws, the sounds of crunching bones was getting louder than the chatter of the maids throughout the room. The refined young lady made sure to take sips of tea every once in a while, leaving a deafening quiet by the absence of her feast.

"Miss Momoka will eat several thousand pounds of food in one sitting; it's mostly meat too, she's quite the little carnivore," Sylvia said adoringly.

Several tall, muscular maids had reclaimed Alice's attention as they rolled in carts filled with trays releasing yellowed steam.

"Breakfast is served. It's a hearty cream stew that will keep you energized throughout the day," one of the maids said while placing a bowl in front of Alice. It thumped heavily on the table even though it seemed no larger than a normal serving size.

Just the steam wafting off the stew reignited her earlier heat, she needed to eat everything in front of her. The first spoonful made her org*sm harder than her previous ones combined, sparks filled her brain and her tongue felt like it was on fire. She could tell there were various forms of meat and vegetables in the stew, yet it only tasted of the same scent from before, those golden logs she saw maids hauling earlier.

"Ah, you must really like it" Sylvia exclaimed while staring down at Alice, who had begun shoveling as much stew down her throat as possible. "The food for the maids has a drop of the mistress's precum mixed in, which increases the calorie count several hundredfold. What you're feeling right now are trillions of her oversized sperm cells making love to your own cells. I'm sure you'll feel stronger than ever when you're done, you might even grow a few feet over time too!"

Alice was making a mess of her chair, as a waterfall of grool sprayed from her c*nt. She had finished her bowl subconsciously, everything had become a blur after her first bite. She was about to ask one of the server maids for more before


She had released the biggest belch of her life, fueled by cum that tasted just as strong the second time. She wasn't the only one, as several other maids began to follow suit. Their table manners may have been better after being slowly desensitized to their master's cum, but their burps had only grown in strength. Even Sylvia had joined in, releasing a boisterous belch that was ten times stronger than the rest.

The symphony of cum belching maids continued until


Momoka herself had drowned out every other noise in the room with a window shattering belch. Maids began falling forwards as org*sms rocked their bodies from the powerful vibrations ripping through the room. It was as if they were at the epicenter of a category 10 earthquake. The wooden floors began to splinter exposing the superalloy underneath, this couldn't have been the first time this has happened. All of the air in the room was replaced with the meaty gas released by Momoka's several minute long burp. Momoka made sure to excuse herself afterwards, patting her mouth with a napkin while slyly blushing.

Alice couldn't hear for a minute after, she could tell Momoka had gotten up and communicated with a few maids on what she wanted to do next, yet she couldn't process what she was saying. The room was spinning, she tried to stand and follow her mistress, yet fell forwards instead. Sylvia swiftly caught her between her breasts and began stroking her head.

"You're already such a good girl for wanting to follow your new mistress, but she's not going anywhere far. Take a moment to rest, nobody can stand after their first time, you'll get used to it" Sylvia cooed. "Our mistress is going to relieve her pent up balls. I heard her say that seeing you scarf your food down really riled her up! It's great that she's taken such quick notice of you."

A few minutes passed before Alice felt ready to stand up again; when she did, Sylvia grasped her hand and started to lead her down the corridors of the mansion again. Screams of pleasure emanated through the walls and down the hallway. Their source emanated from a room parallel to Momoka's bedroom. Alice had opened the door before Sylvia could speak, she knew what was happening inside.

In the center of the room, a nine foot tall, heavily muscled, goddess-like white furred fox woman was being held in a stand and carry by Momoka, a girl less than half her size. Momoka wrapped her arms as far as they could go around the larger woman's waist, and was thrusting her hips at a speed that was difficult to follow, even the claps of their hips colliding was too fast to count. The fox woman was screaming in pleasure as Momoka's co*ck battered her rib cage, her spiked glans clearly visible through the fox woman's distended torso.

Suddenly, a loud guttural noise emanated out of Momoka's balls as she let out her first rope of pre for the day. She squeezed the fox woman tighter, snapping her hips and spine, as she picked up her pace to coax out the hundred foot long log of pre clearly outlined as it snaked through the fox woman's distended stomach.

The room began to shake as Momoka's testicl*s rumbled and clenched up to her hips as she came. The first rope of her cum distended the fox woman's torso further, pushing her away from Momoka's grasp and keeping her held up by Momoka's co*ck alone. The second rope shot the fox woman off Momoka's glans with a deafening pop, sending her flying several feet through the air before landing on her back, just to be buried under the dense, coiling mass that made up the rest of Momoka's second rope. Alice realized Momoka must have consciously controlled her glans to let the fox woman free, as they flared to twice its size after releasing her.

Momoka turned to the side and was suddenly flocked by maids trying to get a taste of her body as she finished her ejacul*tion. There was one maid per foot of her five foot co*ck passionately kissing and sucking on her harder than steel flesh. Several maids tried cramming their way in to do the same to her balls. Some resolved just to kiss her stomach, to lick her armpits, or to try tonguing her prostate. Syvlia even stepped over to lean over the crowd and lock lips with the smaller girl, passionately kissing her as she started to fire off the rest of her load.

The back wall was shattered like it had been hit by an oversized tank shell. Alice was stunned yet again, as she watched mile long, ten foot thick ropes of golden sem*n rocket out of the room with every throb of the little girl's co*ck. This time, the miasma coming off of her cum barely stayed in the room, letting Alice watch her master org*sm through the yellow haze that would have blinded her if the wall were still standing. For the third time today, she fell to her knees masturbating; she was too late to taste her mistress's divine body as she came, she would have to be faster next time.

Minutes felt like years as Alice watched the tiny idol of pure virility pump out more sem*n than every man on the planet combined. One thing nagged at her mind… "Weren't her co*ck and balls many times larger this morning?" Alice realized that this might be nothing more than a light load to her master, perhaps a gift to a loyal servant who wanted to be bred more than anything else.

Her question was answered within moments. Momoka's load was coming to an end, and as if she had read Alice's mind, she said
"I'm sorry to show you such a tiny amount of my ejacul*tion as a first impression. I would have gone all out if I wasn't trying to impregnate the fine woman buried under my first ropes."

"I'll make sure to give it my all today for you," Momoka said alongside a pure wink that made Alice's ovaries throb with need.

Out of the corner of her eye, Alice saw the fox woman surrounded by maids that were worshiping that mere fraction of their mistress's prodigious load, showering it with kisses and needily grinding their crotches against it; they would have crammed it into themselves if anything short of heavy machinery could move her ridiculously dense sem*n. The overbred fox woman underneath had her fur stained the dirty golden color of her master's cum. She may have been broken, but she only seemed to be experiencing pure bliss as cum engrained itself within her body… Alice felt that she would give anything to feel the same.

Alice hadn't thought much of it, but all of the girl's working for Momoka had similar hair, fur, and even scale colors… She thought maybe Momoka just liked the color, but it clearly wasn't such a simple coincidence. It was a mark of ownership between a willing slave and their mistress; they were stained with her output, perhaps permanently.

"Sylvia, is the toy I requested done being made? I'd like to show my new maid what I'm capable of," asked Momoka.

"Of course my lady, I'll have it moved in front of your pleasure zone at once" Sylvia responded, before instructing a few maids to prepare Momoka's toy.

"But first, I have to make a slight detour" Momoka announced, before snapping her fingers, calling five maids in particular to her side. "Follow me Alice," she commanded, before leading the girls through the busted wall to an Olympic sized swimming pool outside.

"I've been able to hear your constant chatter between each other. 'I just want to dive into Momoka's piss', 'I desperately wish Momoka pissed on me without holding back', and 'I want Momoka to ruin me.' Well, I've decided to grant your wishes. Make your way into the pool and I'll take things from there" Momoka said with a flirty tone.

The cohort of maids broke out into a sprint to throw off their clothes and kneel inside the empty pool. It didn't matter if they were human or not, they were all obviously red in the face and huffing from their spontaneous heat. Some of them were even crying tears of joy while masturbating as furiously as their bodies could. Unlike the other maids of the household who seemed only to want to give birth to their mistress's children, these five wanted to feel even a fraction of a second of their master's full force, more than anything in the world.

It didn't even take a second. With a slight release of pressure from her bladder, Momoka's sudden piss stream blasted out with a wider diameter than the pool itself. A wall of molten amber piss that seemed even stronger than before was released for a split second, enough to grant the maid's wishes a million times over. Her stream carved a molten crater unimaginably deep into the earth, the steam and heat produced forced Alice to back up to avoid being burned. The crater itself was expanding from the combination of unstoppable heat and acidity eating away at everything it touched before disappearing far enough into the earth to no longer be visible. Alice had to imagine that those maids had eternal bliss burned straight into their souls… she felt an unexpected pang of jealousy.

"Did you see the looks on their faces? They absolutely loved my gift! It's a good thing most of my maids would prefer bearing my offspring, otherwise I would never keep enough on staff," Momoka said cheerily.

Momoka walked away from the smoldering crater and over to Alice, before raising her arms to the sides.

"Alice, come here and carry me back to Sylvia," Momoka commanded.

Alice took a moment to move, she was stunned by the sweet, alluring musk emanating from the little girl's smooth armpits. She shook away her lust and darted to help her master, of course she could carry her! Alice bent down to grasp the much smaller girl, her soft, supple skin felt like it was covering something denser than any metal she had ever felt. Spurned on by the confidence developed through years of being the tallest and strongest woman in the room, she tried to lift her mistress. Nothing. It was as if Alice was trying to lift the planet itself, she couldn't make the little girl budge. She wrapped her arms around Momoka for one last attempt, bringing her nose close enough to the young girl that every strained breath filled her nostrils with what felt like a concoction of the best scents in the world. Her hair, her armpits, her natural sweat and musk, every aspect of Momoka flowed into Alice's lungs. Alice tensed up, squirting with pleasure while trying wholeheartedly to move the little girl an inch. Yet again, nothing.

Alice fell forward and slumped over her mistress in a shameful display that was met with Momoka's sly grin and glittering eyes.

"Your devotion is so cute. You should know that you couldn't lift me even if you were a billion times stronger, but I'm so glad you tried," Momoka said while shifting the larger woman into a princess carry. Momoka grabbed Alice by the back of her head and dragged her in for the deepest kiss of her life.

Alice was bullied around her own mouth by Momoka's demanding tongue. She made a futile attempt to take control, but couldn't move the child's aggressive tongue; Alice felt it might have weighed more than her whole body. Even if she had lost control inside her own body, she felt happy to worship the young lady's tongue as it hungrily entwined with her own, and even happier to taste the hot, sweet, thick saliva slowly pouring into her own mouth. Alice couldn't help but ejacul*te happily, splattering the ornate pavement below with the pleasure brought out by her master. She was so entranced by her impromptu snogging session that she hadn't paid attention to Momoka walking over to her new toy while continuing to masterfully make love to Alice's tongue.

Momoka placed Alice down on the metallic floor below them, knowing the larger woman would likely have fallen over again if she tried standing up immediately. Sylvia stepped over and stood above Alice.

"It seems you've become well acquainted with the mistress, how great! I'm sure you'll get more time with her later, but for now, she'll be using the state of the art breeding mount the science department has prepared for her" Sylvia explained while wagging her tail happily. She seemed glad that her mistress had taken a liking to her new maid.

Alice blushed at the complement before marveling at the toy her master was taking a flight of stairs up to. It was a massive metal cylinder, at least twenty feet long and five feet wide, supported by a solid metal structure below it. Inside was a tight looking pink silicone based onahole interior, with two handles on the side to support Momoka's grip.

"I wish I could still ride on top as Momoka pounded away at a breeding mount with all of her might… Nowadays I'd get sent flying from one thrust, not to mention that it gets way too hot to stand near her, even for me. I miss coaxing out her ejacul*tions while whispering in her ears to let everything out, or when she'd hungrily bite down on my breasts and drain each of them in seconds while hammering her co*ck into a poor toy that was destined to be scrap metal as soon as she laid her eyes upon it" Sylvia reminisced to Alice, fueled by nostalgia of a younger Momoka.

Momoka spat once at the entrance of her breeding mount, but with enough volume and force to blow out the other end, completely coating the inside in her own perfect lubricant. With one throb, her co*ck became as erect as it was when she was f*cking her fox woman maid; she didn't waste any time, gently slipping her way in with a Shlrop.

Yet again, a crowd of chattering maid onlookers had gathered to get off to their mistress pleasuring herself. Their chatter was rapidly drowned out by the rythmic thumping of the little girl's hips mashing into silicon and metal. Alice stood in awe as she got to see the godlike co*ck from this morning start poking its way out of the other end of the breeding mount. It looked like it was stuck for a moment, Momoka's massive, meaty glans had begun spreading out before her co*ck could fully pierce her toy. The metal started squealing under the stress, creaking louder and louder with every stunted thrust, before exploding outwards, her glans ripping chunks of silicon and metal from the end of the breeding mount's frame.

Momoka took a moment to stop thrusting, turning to Alice and blowing a kiss, she was showing off her godlike co*ck that couldn't realistically fit into any of her maids without ripping them in half. Her glans were nearly ten feet across in diameter; they were covered in thick spikes meant to lock her glans into her partners and to scrape out any opponents sem*n; yet just the spikes themselves were longer than most penises could ever hope to be. The exposed parts of Momoka's glans and shaft were visibly steaming even though it was already warm outside, it was like they formed a spreading miasma of heat and concentrated co*ckmusk that slowly washed over the crowd of maids. Alice's own heat had further intensified as her lungs filled with inescapable co*ck stench, she needed to be bred, even if she had to take Momoka's godlike co*ck inside her.

The ground began to shake with every thrust as Momoka picked up the pace. It seemed like the only maid able to stand up at that point was Sylvia, who had begun pleasuring herself, finally letting loose on her own volition for the first time of the day. Though even Sylvia's draconic roars of pleasure couldn't be heard over her mistress's masturbation.

The metal breeding mount screeched as Momoka's hips dented the front, while the spikes along her glans gouged out chunks of metal from the back. The air started heating up from the girl’s movements, as well as from her gurgling testicl*s that seemed to be decompressing to a size even larger than they were that morning. Alice had thought the massive testicl*s would remain behind Momoka until they began sinking downwards; they were melting through the steel platform the girl was standing on. After a moment, Momoka's testicl*s began to slam against the breeding mount like a pendulum with every one of her thrusts; the mount must have been some kind of high tech superalloy, as it wasnt melting on contact, yet it was rapidly dented inwards in the shape of the little girl's unstoppable wrecking balls.

It seemed Momoka had picked up her pace further, she was getting close to cumming, and the rising pleasure made her grip shred right through the handlebars she had been using. To compensate, she spread her arms and hugged the sides of her breeding mount, digging her fingers in straight through the superalloy, before pulling it upwards, ripping it straight off the metal frame it stood upon.

The beaten, broken breeding mount, which previously looked strong enough to withstand a nuclear blast, meant nothing as Momoka had turned it into another disposable onahole. It was slowly shrinking in length, smashing inwards as it slammed between Momoka's hips and her glans. Momoka's testicl*s were consistently increasing in volume, churning and roaring constantly. The area underneath the mansion had been previously reinforced after her seismic testicl*s had shattered the area's foundation, yet the outside land for miles in every direction wasn't so lucky, as it was torn to shreds by Momoka's earth quaking nuts.

Momoka's own grunts had turned angry, bestial, even downright vulgar.


Momoka's raucous testicl*s clenched up to her hips and roared loud enough to be heard for hundreds of miles as she started cumming. Her first rope blotted out the field of vision in front of the maids with a chunky wall of dark yellow that flew at a forty five degree angle upwards. The log of ridiculously dense, solid sem*n had flown fifteen miles in the span of a few seconds, ripping through the earth on contact and burying itself deep into the mantle, as the tail end of her rope began falling back towards her, slicing the earth asunder as it fell 40 miles deep into the pit, extending her cum storage pit an extra five miles in length and a currently unknowable extra amount in depth.

The air was rapidly choked out with the reeking stench of her cum musk. Every heat brought on by Momoka that day was outweighed by the fire burning in Alice's loins as she began cumming uncontrollably. Alice had witnessed an act of her new goddess, she couldn't control her unbound libido if she wanted to.

And that was just her first rope.

It was as if a category 11 earthquake was rocking the planet beneath Alice, she thought that the tectonic plate they were on top of must have been smashed by her mistress’s ridiculously dense load. The air simmered and warped from the heat, until Momoka's cum smog had fully replaced any air that previously occupied the surrounding hundred miles. Every earth shattering rope rocketing out of Momoka's co*ck brought the group of maids to another mind shattering org*sm, and Momoka's ejacul*tion wasn't letting up any time soon.

Sylvia had realized what was happening was abnormal. Her mistress usually barely filled her pit and finished cumming within two minutes, yet five minutes had to have passed and her ropes were only getting thicker.

"She must really want to breed the new girl, to the point that her balls have gone into overdrive to show off just how powerful she is" Sylvia would have thought, if she could think straight through her cum smog polluted mind.

Momoka went red in the face as she clenched her teeth together in a snarl of pleasure as her balls started to roar more loudly than before. With a besital roar that could drown out every other organism on the planet combined, she ejacul*ted a five hundred mile thick rope of cum that outweighed her entire daily output, splitting the cum stained clouds as it ripped through the Karman Line before crashing back down to Earth. The five thousand mile long rope had laid itself across the planet, its head buried itself deeply enough that it had dented Earth's core and was slowly sinking further into the comparably fragile metal. The tail end of her rope laid across the planet, taller than any mountain range by far, and much more treacherous. From space, one would be able to see the rope of godlike sem*n sinking as it melted away at any land it made contact with while boiling away the ocean; until a second later, when the wall of impenetrable reeking c*msmog blanketed the planet around it.

Momoka threw back her head with a sigh of relief and a moan of pleasure, just for her nuts to produce an unholy series of glrches and groans that sent her into a renewed frenzy. It was as if she had to take the biggest piss of her life and cum a lifetime's worth of sem*n at the same time, the overwhelming ticklish tingling pressure levels were previously unknown to her.

She furiously pumped away at her shaft with her comparatively tiny hands, her superalloy breeding mount had already melted off of her co*ck. She instinctively held down her bucking co*ck so she could knock up the planet itself with the planet rending load brewing inside her. Her balls clenched hard enough to dent themselves inwards as she ejacul*ted a ridiculously dense mass of solid sem*n that had concentrated even further at the bottom of her balls for years. She couldn't hold back her howls of pleasure as the lumpy log scraped her insides as it forced its way out of her exceeding mach speeds. The first dark amber rope sliced straight through the planet and blew out the other side, threading through the planet like a bead on a necklace. The second hit the back end of the first and was diverted downwards, pushing aside the comparatively thin mantle as it stuffed the planet to its seams and beyond. The core of the planet was completely crushed under the pressure of being surrounded by a substance much, much denser than itself, and the force of gravity had grown stronger as the planet suddenly weighed five times as much as it did a moment ago. Cracks in the planet had formed which spewed dark amber cum smog that replaced the atmosphere in seconds sent every female on the planet into a permanent heat. The new pheromone laced, cum smog based atmosphere made Jupiter look small in comparison.

Momoka smiled and stretched, she felt so relieved, empty for the first time in her life just from the thought of knocking up a cute girl. It didn't last long though, as her nuts began gurgling loudly, filling up with cum as concentrated as what she just put out, her new normal. The unimaginably dense sem*n compacted further in her roiling balls, exceeding the volume of her last load in less than a minute while shrinking back to a more manageable size.

She walked over and picked Alice and Sylvia up over her shoulders, she'd have to knock them up with the fresh load brewing in her balls. Momoka wasn't even sure just how overcrowded their wombs would be. Her previous loads would make any woman permanently pregnant, shooting out triplets at a minimum every 7 months. She lightly squeezed Alice's and Sylvia's asses in anticipation of what was to come.

"Wuh, why me?" Alice managed to speak out between org*sms.

"You remind me of my adorable best friend, but she's not big enough to take me yet," Momoka responded cheerily.

Another maid had approached Momoka, navigating through the cum smog in some kind of high tech hazmat suit emblazoned with a logo that said "Science Department"; it clearly wasn't keeping up with filtering herself clean air, as her voice was shaky and her legs wobbled with every step.

"M-m-mistress M-M-Momoka, your v-virility s-statistics" she said, before handing Momoka a tablet and collapsing into an org*sming mess.


ejacul*tion count: 28
sem*n density: 23 g/ml
Sperm cell count: 1,000,000,000,000,000/ml (1 quadrillion sperm cells per ml)
Sperm cell length: 0.15cm head, 3cm total
Estimated total volume: 160,000,000,000,000,000 liters


ejacul*tion count: 1
sem*n density: 121 g/ml
Sperm cell count: 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000/ml (100 octillion sperm cells per ml)
Sperm cell length: 0.8cm head, 40cm total
Estimated total volume: 1,500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 liters

Momokas's co*ck throbbed, she'd have to start unloading her balls into space from now on. Maybe the maids could make her a black hole fleshlight, or perhaps they could open a portal to some other dimension to empty her aching nuts into. They'd have to hurry, she had only cum once today after all!

Momoka's New Maid - IcySaltEX (2024)


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