Behind-the-scenes clip shows chaos in ITV's Euro 2024 studio (2024)

  • Wright was seen dancing during the show with Laura Woods reduced to laughter
  • Keane and Neville, meanwhile, endulged in some jokey pushing and shoving
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A behind-the-scenes clip from ITV's coverage of Euro 2024 has shown the choas from the set moments before the show went live.

Ian Wright, Roy Keane and Gary Neville are seen messing around next to Laura Woods during the broadcast of France's win over Austria on Monday evening.

France won the game 1-0 through an own goal from Maximilian Wober, with Kylian Mbappe breaking his nose, meaning he may have to wear a mask for the rest of the tournament.

In what was a quiet game, there seemed to be more action in the studio than on the field, with Woods reduced to laughing while advertising the station's coverage of Royal Ascot.

It appeared that Wright's dancing was what distracted Woods, with the much-loved pundit dancing away to The Emotions' 'Best of my Love', with Keane getting involved and Neville seemingly in his own world.


Check out Wrighty with the moves 😂 There's always so much going on behind the scenes... #Euro2024 | @Ian Wright | @Gary Neville

♬ original sound - ITV Sport

Roy Keane (left) joined in on the dancing, while Gary Neville (right) was pushing his case to attend Royal Ascot

Laura Woods (left) was reduced to laughter as she tried to advertise ITV's Ascot coverage

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Wright seemed to get the chaos underway, singing along to the song that was invovled in the broadcast, as shared on ITV Sport's TikTok account.

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Keane, known for his straight-faced, brutal analysis, didn't take long to get involved, smiling and joining in the dance moves.

Neville, seemingly watching the screen as an advertisem*nt for Royal Ascot showed, exclaimed:'We should all be flying to Royal Ascot tomorrow with ITV,' with Wright pausing his dancing to add: 'You know what we should do? We should fly in,' before continuing his dancing.

Woods could then be heard starting to speak, seemingly live, with Neville apparently unaware, continuing: 'I've never been.'

Keane could then be seen patting his former team-mate on the shoulder to inform him of Woods talking, with Neville initially not hearing him, but pulling a somewhat embarrassed face when he realised.

Woods was unable to keep her cool as she advertised Ascot, with Wright continuing to dance and Neville and Keane exchanging some playful shoving.

The presenter, laughing, then said: 'If you're wondering what's making me laugh... you're going to stop now aren't you, with Wright ending his dancing as the cameras of the broadcast cut to the studio.

Woods later shared the video on Instagram, captioned: 'See what I have to deal with,' accompanied by a laughing emoji and a heart emoji.

Neville continued to speak about the event before Keane informed him that the show was live

The former Man United team-mates then engaged in a jokey pushing and shoving match

Keane was back to his usual brutal self soon after, however, as he slammed Kylian Mbappe

Though he took a moment to joke around off-camera, Keane was back to his honest assessment of the Euros as he criticised Mbappe on the back of his nose break.

Keane told ITV Sport: 'He gets an injury, trying to stop the play, he's gone on to sit on the pitch, I don't like to see this. This is out of order.

'Listen whether he's been instructed to go back on by the manager, he's obviously had treatment he's come off.

'I know players can make mistakes, but to go back on and sit on the pitch, he deserved that yellow card I don't like to see it.'

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Behind-the-scenes clip shows chaos in ITV's Euro 2024 studio (2024)


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