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THE ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL, TUESDAY, MARCH 6, 1923 435 TWENTY-THREE It Will Pay You To Tell Your Business News On These Pages Every Day FOOD RATIO AND LIVE 200 YEARS All Necessary is to Find Balance Between Nourishment, Exercise and Rest Every man and woman should live at least 200 years if they can solve the correct ratio between nourishment, exercise and rest. This is the belief of Alfred W. Lawson, who heretofore has won considerable recognition in the field of aeronautics and now turns his attention to science and long life. In an interview in New York Times, Mr. Lawson described what he terms the law of penetrability.

vi The law of penetrability, according to Mr. Lawson, who built and navigated a -passenger airliner Milwaukee to New York and return, is the key to perpetual movement, not perpetual motion in the common understanding of the world. Everything in the universe moves according to that law, says Mr. Lawson, matter whether it is a blood corpuscle or the solar system, and that law determines the life of man. Mr.

Lawson has been working over that law for thirty years, and says only recently he has found how it can be applied to any man, woman or child to check decomposing elements and increase the length of life of a person many times over. A man, for instance, who ordinarily would live fifty or sixty years can lengthen his life to at least 200 years. To accomplish this, no medicine, monkey glands or fountain of youth is needed, according to Mr. Lawson. It is up to each man to just understand the natural law which permits him to live and move and apply it to himself.

Explains His Theory Following is the way Mr. Lawson explained his theory: "Since this interview, I regret to say, has been sought through the belief that my theory will lengthen life, I will admit at the outset that I believe that to be the case. However, I am more interested myself, and I feel that the thinking world may be, in the Law of Penetrability and in a few avenues which one must necessarily follow during the process of making clear that life can be materfally lengthened. principle which causes perpetcal movement is penetrability. Everything in the valverse is in a perpetual state of movement.

This perpetual movement is caused through the abiltty of one substance of a lesser density penetrating another substance of a greater density. "We have light, a lesser density, which penetrates air; which penetrates water, less easily, and penotrates steel not at all. So we see that there are some substances which penetrate and some which do not. A hand penetrates the arm when waved. This penetration causes displacement and it causes two factors, namely, suction and pressure.

"Now the earth is formed by suetion and pressure as well as the solar system: When we fill our lungs we suck in air. When we exhale we press it out. The heart works exactly the same way as the lungs, although the authorities will take issue with me in this statement. The heart presses the blood out through the arteries and sucks it back, very much as a pump, through the veins. "The physiologists talk about the circulation of blood.

They assert that the blood is pumped by the heart's one action. I assert that the heart has two actions--the pump and suction. This is easily proved. It is a known fact that blood, leaving the heart, goes slower through the arteries until It reaches the extremities, as, for example, the feet. Now blood, on the return trip to the heart, moves slowly at first, then faster and faster as it reaches the heart.

I assert that this is proof that the heart sucks back the blood. The Way We Are Built are built up by the suction movement. We are torn down by the pressure movement. As long as we can keep building up the suction movement, as fast as the pressure movement breaks down, we do not age. The suction causes formation and the pressure deformation.

"Now there is a certain balance, a medium. It is this balance which I term lost which I have been working on for the last thirty years. I have lately come to realize that a person can stay at his maturity and live more or less indefinitely if he only or retains this balance or 'lost If you can keep yourself at that point where suction balances pressure you can live longer, how much am not prepared to state, because it varies, naturally, with individuals. "When one organ does not synchronize with other organs one begins to lose his lost One's heart, kidneys, liver, lungs and all must work in unison, and it is in this unison that health is found. "There are three ways to bring about perfect unison exercise, nourishment and rest.

The perfect balance between these there is the secret. "Edison says he sleeps but four hours. If this is so he rests enough to make up for his few hours of sleep. One must learn exactly how much sleep and rest one requires. It varies, but the average person's heart takes A fraction of second's rest after every beat These rests figure up to approximately eleven hours in every twenty-four.

Now me must regulate our own rest according to our own systems, based on our heart action, respiration, etc. "Exercise also should be regulated according to the individual. Each person should find how much exercise is best for him, and when this is discovered he should keep up this exercise, not take much one day and littie the next. "Nourishment is merely a matter of bringing into our system that which THE MORNING CALL Allentown, Pa. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Standardized for restricted Quick to Reference, classification and to the regular Morning Call style of type.

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THE DAILY THOUGHT be real cosmopolitan a man must be at home even in his own country." CLASSIFICATIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS 1-Deaths 2-In Memoriam 3-Cards of Thanks 1-Funeral Directors 5-Funeral Flowers 6-Cemetery Lots, Monuments 7-Lodge Notices 8-Coming Events Personals 10-Lost and Found AUTOMOBILES 11A-Autemobile Agencies 11-Automobiles 12--Auto Truck For Sale 13-Auto Accessories -Garages-Autos For Hire 15-Motorcycles and Bicycles 6-Repairing-Service Stations 17-Wanted Automobiles BUSINESS SERVICE 18-Business Services Offered 19-Building-Contracting 20-Cleaning, Dyeing, Renovating 21-Dressmaking-Millinery 22-Heating, Plumbing, Roofing 23-Insurance 24-Laundering Trucking, Storage 26-Painting, Papering, Decorating 27-Printing-Engraving 28-Professional Services 29 -Repairing 30-Tailoring and Pressing Service EMPLOYMENT 32-Heip Wanted--Female 33-Help Wanted -Male 34-Help-Male 0 or Female your system requires. Now this dourishment must balance the exercise. It one day one takes more must take more rest and nourishment, to offset it. One must learn lutely synchronize these three. TO HELP SOLVE ONE OF FARMER'S PROBLEMS State College, March--The biggest problem before the average Pennslyvania farmer today is that of marketing his produce so as to tain a worth-while return for his labor a standardization of product, and his ability to hit upon a "speclalty' 'line that will make farming pay, according to Dr.

R. L. Watts, dean of the agricultural school at the Pennsylvania State College. "This is why the state agricultural conference at Harrisburg last week recommended that State College install a department. of agricultural economics," Dean Watts said, and continued: a department at State College would not be a 'cure-all' for the inability for greatly needed study of economics perculiar local conditions.

The college could train young men to take charge of farmers' cooperative buying and selling organizations who would at the same time be in position to advise groups and individuals on market supply and demand, teach them cost accounting and the value of the right kind of in crop production." specialization, colleges throughout the country are coming to realize the importance of developing this absolutely necessary phase of farm operation, Dean Watts added. He has held a desire for some time for the installation of a department of agricultural economics at Penn State, and would like to conform to the expressed wish of the recent agricultural conference, He points out however, that such steps at State College will be impossible in the next two unless the legislature finds a years to increase the college mainway tenance budget now under consideration at Harrisburg. As the bill now stands the college will be short over $500,000 on present maintenance appropriations, and new work such as this would be entirely out of the question. Small Change John Hays Hammond said at dinner in his handsome Washington house: "I am, of course, an optimist, but the situation of the world today calls for sacrifice and hard work more than merry optimism. "We have too much optimism of the Fetherston kind.

Young Fetherston, you know, wanted to marry old Bullion's daughter. 'Have you any chance for promotion?" Bullion asked him. "Have said Fetherston. 'You bet have. Why, except for the office boy I hold the lowest position in the firm." St.

Louis Star, CLASSIFICATIONS 35-Solicitors, Canvassers, Agents Situations Wanted--Female 37 Wanted- Male FINANCIAL 38-Business Opportunities 39 -Investments, Stocks, Bonds 40-Money to Loan 41-Wanted-To Borrow INSTRUCTION -Correspondence Courses 43 Instruction Classes 44 -Musical, Dancing, Dramatio -Private Instruction 46-Wanted -Instruction LIVE STOCK 47-Dogs, Cats, Pets 48--Horses, Cattle, Vehicles 49-Poultry and Supplies 50-Wanted-Live Stock MERCHANDISE 51-Articles For 51A-Barter and Salchange 52-Business and Office Equipment 53-Boats and Accessories 54-Building Materials -Farm and Dairy Products 56-Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers 57-Good Things To Eat -Home-Made Things 59-Household Goods 60 Jewelry and Watches 61-Machinery and Tools usical Instruments Seeds, Plants and Flowers 64-Specials At The Stores 65-Wearing Apparel 66-Wanted-To Buy ROOMS AND BOARD 67-Rooms With Board 68-Rooms Without Board For Housekeeping 70 -Vacation Places -Where To Eat 72 Where To Stop In Town REAL ESTATE FOR RENT -Apartments and Flats 75-Business Places For Rent 76-Farms For Rent 77-Houses For Rent 78-Office and Desk Room 79-Suburban For Rent 80-Summer Places For Rent 81-Wanted-To Rent REAL ESTATE FOR SALE R--Brokers In Real Estate 82-Business Property -Farms and Lands For Sale 84-Houses For Sale 85-Lots For Sale 86-Resort Property For Sale 87-Suburban For Sale 88 -Real Estate For Exchange Wanted--F Estate DEATHS Deaths ALTHOUSE-At Bethlehem, March 4, 1923, Arthur son of Norman C. and Margaret, nee Ueltzen, Althouse, aged 3 years, 11 months and 13 days. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral service at the home of the parents, 2117 West Broad street, Bethlehem, on Wednesday at 2.30 o'clock. Interment private, in Greenwood cemetery, Allentown. B.

BAER--Along Orefield, R. 1.. March 4, Thomas R. Baer, husband of Daisy A. (Biose) Baer, aged 50 years, 7 months and 26 days.

Funeral on Thursday afternoon at 1.10 o'clock from his late residence along Orefield, 1. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited I to attend without further notice. Services and burial at Union church. Slough. Bethlehem, March 1, 1923, Preston H.

800 of Marcellus and Sarah (nee Fry), Boyer, aged 36 years, months and 4 days. Relatives, friends and members of the various lodges and organizations are invited to attend funeral services on Tuesday afternoon March 6th, at 1.30 o'clock, at his late residence, 324 W. Union street, Bethlehem; at 2 p. In. at St.

Peters Lutheran church, Rittersville, Interment in Rittersville cemetery. Dillinger BROWN--At Palmerten, March 1923, Levi Brown, aged 173 years, months and 2 days. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from his late home in Palmerton on Wednesday at 10 a. without further notice. Burial in Towamensing cemetery before services in Towamensing church.

J.S.Z. BURGER--In this city, Mar. 4, 1323, Jacob H. Burger, aged 80 years, 7 mcnths and 9 days. Relatives, friends and members of the G.

A. R. are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services without further notice, at his late residence, 203 North Ninth street, Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment in the West End cemetery. W.

this city, March 4, 1923, Clarence I. Weiser Deily, aged. 13 years, 2 months and 21 days. Funeral on Thursday, March 8, 1923, at 2 p. from the grandparents residence, Mr.

and Mrs. Daniel Deily, 1627 East Hanover avenue, which relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend without further notice. Short services at the house. Regular services in St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran church.

Interment in cemetery adjoining. Bethlehem Globe please copy. A. J. H.

DIEHL-In this city, March 3, Ambrose Diehl, aged 64 years, 2 months and 12 days. Relatives, friends and members of Franklin Chamber, No. 9, 0. K. of are respectiully invited, without further notice, to attend the funeral services from the home of his son-in-law, Wilson Prechtel, 528 Refwal street, on Wednesday afternoon at 1.30 o'clock.

Interment will be made in Greenwood cemetery. B. ESCHBACH--At Kempton, R. F. D.

No. 2. Violet Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Eschbach, aged 9 months and 27 days.

Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral at the parents' home near Kempton on Tuesday at 1.30 P. M. Interment in Grimville cemetery. Chas. Fritz.

FOGLEMAN-At Northampton, March 3, 1923, A. Fogleman, aged 60 years, 9 months and 22 days. Relatives and friends, and members of L. O. No.

753, of Allentown, are respectfully invited without further notice to attend the funeral from his late home, 1731 Washington avenue, Northampton, on Wednesday at 1.30 p. m. Services in Zion's Lutheran Church, Northampton, and burial at Fairview cemetery, Northampton. Miller. FRATER--In the Easton hospital.

March 4th, 1923, George G. Frater, aged 50 years and 10 months. Relatives, friends and members of all C. DONALD BACHMAN UNDERTAKER THE FUNERAL HOME 1030 1032 Walnut St. J.

S. BURKHOLDER Licensed Undertaker and Practical Embalmer 814-16-18 LINDEN STREET OLIVER S. RABENOLD UNDERTAKER Successor to G. STERNER 116 South Eighth St. Phone: Bell 854 -Cons.

1271 Auto Service If Desired DEATHS Deaths organizations of which he was a member are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral without further notice from his late residence, 628 East 3rd street, Bethlehem, Wednesday at 1.30 o'clock. Further services in St. John's Windish church and interment in the Fountain Hill cemetery. Easton, Phillipsburg and Newark, N. J.

papers please copy. McGovern. GERHARD--In this city, March 1, 1923, Frank A. Gerhard, aged 45 years, 6 months and 28 days. Relatives, friends, Allentown Lodge, No.

129, L. 0. 0. M. and Allentown Nest, No.

72, 0. 0. 0. are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services at his late home. No.

1032 Spring Garden street, on Tuesday at 1.30 p. m. Interment privale in Fairview cemetery. B. HAAS--At St.

Luke's Hospital, Bethlehem, March 4, 1923, Catharine the widow of Benjamin S. Haas, aged 71 years. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services in St. Paul's Lutheran church, Red Hill, on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment in cemetery adjoining.

Weirbach HELDT-At Lehighton, March 5, 1923, Llewellyn J. Heldt, aged 80 years and 4 months. Relatives, members of Lodge No. 135, Knights of Malta, of Lehighton, and friends are respectfully invited, without further notice, the funeral to be held from his home, 204 North Second street, Lehighton, on Thursday at 1.30 p. m.

Services in Trinity Lutheran church and interment in Lehighton cemetery. LO.H HEFFNER--Fell asleep at Breinigsville. March 3, 1923, Paul Heffner, beloved husband of Ethel (nee Ringler) Heffner, aged 24 years, 5 months and 17 Funeral services will be held on Wednesday afternoon at his late home at 1.30 o'clock to which relatives, friends, members of the Loyal Order of Moose of Kutztown, members of St. John's Lutheran League and members of St. John's Lutheran Sunday school of Kutztown are respectfully invited to attend without further notice.

Continued services in St. John's Latheran church of Kutztown. Interment Hope cemetery. c. S.

HEINEY-At Palmerton, March 1923, Sallie daughter of Gurney and Sallie (nee Eckhart) Heiney, aged 2 months and 25 days, Funeral services will be held at the home of the parents, 738 Church street, Palmerton, Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock, which relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend without further notice. Interment in Towamensing cemetery. J.S.Z. UNSICKER-in Hahneman hospital, Philadelphia, on March 2, 1923, Miss Verna G. Hunsicker.

Funeral services Monday evening at the home of her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Orgborn, 2039 Church Lane, Germantown, Philadelphia. On Tuesday the body will be taken to the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.

O. A. Hunsicker, West Penn Township, Schuylkill county, where private services will be held on Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'cleck. Continued services in Zion Stone Church, West Penn at 2 o'clock to which friends are respectfully invited without further notice. Interment in cemetery adjoining.

Wertman KEEN. -In this city, March 5, 1923, E. Tillie, widow of Orlando Keen, aged 75 years, 10 months and 11 days. Relatives a and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services at her late home, No. 114 North Eleventh street, on Friday at 3 p.

m. Interment in West End Cemetery. B. this city, March 4, 1923, Gottfried Wahl, aged 50 years. notice of funeral.

G.O.H NAP ENBERGER-Suddenly, at Northampton, Mar. 2nd, 1923, Dorothy, daughter of Knappenberger, Clayton H. and aged 6 Bertha 4 years, months and 23 days. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral without further notice, from the residence of the parents, 105 Twenty-seventh Tuesday at 2.30 o'clock. Interment in the Fairview cemetery, Northampton, Miller.

LAUDENSLAGER-In this city, Mar. 4, 1923, Lilie J. (nee Koch) wife of George H. Laudenslager, in her 55th year. Funeral services at her late home, 453 Tilghman street, on Saturday at 2 p.

m. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend without further notice. Interment in Allentown cemetery. O.S.R. LEITH-At Center Valley, March: 2nd, 1923, Helen K.

Leith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isaiah Leith, aged 29 years, 10 months and 10 days. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend without further notice the funeral services on Tuesday afternoon at 1.30 o'clock at the house. Interment in Woodlawn cemetery.

H.A.R. MARTIN--In this city, March 3, 1923, Lillian M. (nee Swoyer), wife of David M. Martin, aged 35 years, months and 15 days. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited without further notice to attend the funeral at her late home, 229 Walnut street, on Wednesday at 11 8.

m. Interment at Hillside cemetery. W. MORELL-In this city. March 4, 1923, William R.

twin son of William R. and Caroline (nee Gehman) Morell, aged 10 months and 19 days. Funeral services at parents' residence, 1143 Turner street, on Thursday at 2 p. m. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend without further notice.

Interment in Fairview cemetery. o.S.R. Emaus and Shimersville, Delbert, son of George and Sallie, (nee Weller) Neumoyer, aged months and 8 days. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral services from the home of the parents on Thursday, March 8th, at 1.30 p. pa.

Services and burial at Zionsville Reformed church, Teams will meet trolley car leaving Eighth and Hamilton streets at 12.15 p. at Schwartz's Crossing F. R. PHILLIPS--At Palmerton, March 2, 1923, Raymond Phillips, aged 3 months and 11 days. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited, without further notice, to attend the funeral at the home of the grandparents, Mr.

and Mrs. James T. Holland, 250 Lehigh avenue, Palmerton, Tuesday at 2 p. The funeral cortege will proceed by automobiles to Evergreen cemetery, East Mauch Chunk, where burial will take place. J.S.Z.

REINERT-At Schlauch's School House, March 4, 1923, Clayton son of James and Emma (nee Landis) Reinert, aged 1 year and 16 days. Funeral from the residence of the parents on Thursday afternoon at 1.30 p. to which relatives and friends are respectfully invited without further notice. Continued services "in Morgenland church, with interment the adjoining cemetery. Guth.

ROCKEL-At Coplay, March 3, 1923. Annie M. (nee Young), widow of Grant Rockel, aged 48 years, 8 months and 20 days. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited without further notice to attend the funeral from her late home, 143 Cherry street, Coplay, on Wednesday at 9.30 a. m.

Services and burial in Egypt. Miller SCHOLL-At Catasauqua, March 3, 1923, Sarah N. Scholl, (nee Remaley) wife of Scholl, aged 84 years, 6 months Adam, days. Funeral services will be held at her late home, 511 Race street, Catasauqua, on Wednesday at 10 A. which relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend without further notice.

Interment at Egypt. Miller. SILVIUS--At Danielsville, March 1923, Alma Clair, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Silvius, aged 3 months and 1 day, Funeral Thursday afternoon at 1.30 o'clock from the home of the parents at Danielsville, with further services DEATHS Deaths in the Lutheran and Reformed church at Petersville.

Interment in cemetery adjoining. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend without further notice. Oplinger. 1923, George Silvius, aged 83 years, SILVIUS- Near. Petersville, March 2, months and one day.

Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral without further notice from the home of his sonin-law, Ulysses A. Schall, near Petersville, on Tuesday morning at 9.30. Services and burial in Petersville church. Miller SMALL--In this city, March 2, 1923, Jane daughter of Alfred D. and Louisa, nee Gearhart Small, aged 18 days.

Funeral services will be held at the home of the grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Gearhart, 1530 Walnut street, on Tuesday at the convenience of the family. G.

O. H. SMITH--At St. Joseph's Hospital, Philadelphia, March 3, 1923, Mary wife of Wm. Smith, aged 44 years.

Funeral services will be held on Wednesday morning at 9.30 o'clock from her late home, University Heights, Bethfehem, with high mast in the Church of the Holy Infancy, and interment in St. Michael's cemetery. Weirbach. SMITH--At Catasanqua, March 1, 1923, Benjamin F. Smith, aged and 15 days.

Funeral on Tuesday March 6, at 2 p. from his late home, 457 Race street, Catasauqua, which relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend without further notice. Services at the house. Interment in Shoenersville cemetery. F.

S. STINE--In this city, March 5, 1923 Mary (nee Wallace), wife of George F. Stine, aged 47 years, Funeral services at her late home, 317 North Eighth street, on Thursday at 2 p. m. Relatives, friends, Red Cloud Council, No.

87. D. of Lady Lincoln Lodge, No. 60, Fraternal Order of Reindeer and Pride of Lehigh Council, Daughters and Sons of Liberty are respectfully invited to attend without further notice. Interment in Grandview cemetery.

Wilkes- Barre and Pittston papers please copy O.S.R. Mickley's, March 4, 1923, Lenius F. Zimmerman, aged 78 years, 3 months and 25 days. Strictly private funeral services at the residence of Robert Miller, Mickley's, on Wednesday at 10 o'clock. Interment in Mickley's cemetery.

Guth. ANNOUNCEMENTS Coming Events 8 MARCH 7-A company from Allentown will hold an entertainment at Ruchsville school house. Wednesday, March 7th. Admission 25 and 15 cents. Personals 9 WILL NOT be responsible for any debts, unless same are contracted by myself.

MES. MINNIE BETZENBERGER, Walnutport, Pa. Lost and Found 10 BROOCH--Lost, on Sunday, March 4th, a brooch with a cameo head and set with pearls. Lost between Leh's and 6th Street, or in Peters Jacoby, Finder kindly return to 445 Adams Bethlehem, and receive reward, as it 1s a gift from deceased friend, or call Bethlehem 54. KEY RING- -Lost on Saturday with 3 keys on Hamlton St.

Return to Call Office. LINK BRACELET--With 5 blue saphires, lost on Sunday. Finder please return to 744 Street, and receive reward. MAN'S RING- WITH ONE CARAT DIAMOND IN A HEXAGONAL GREEN GOLD SETTING WITH TWO SAPPHIRES. FINDER PLEASE RETURN TO MORNING CALL OFFICE AND RECEIVE RE- WARD.

MAN'S SHRINE PIN with small diamond, lost between Hess Bros. and 8th and Turner Sts. Reward if returned to 143 N. 8th St. NAVY BLUE-Canton crepe dress.

Blown from porch Sunday. Reward if returned to 25 S. 10th Street, 3rd floor. SILK SCARF- -Navy blue silk scarf with colored stripes on Northampton car or on Hamilton street Saturday morning. Reward if returned to McCrory 5 and 10 cent store.

STRAYED -Black and white greyhound, bearing tag No. 5. Reward for return to 1130 Chew St. SUM OF MONEY- on Saturday in Northampton. Reward if returned to Police Headquarters, Northampton.

SUM OF MONEY--lost in front of Colonial Theatre, Saturday evening. Please return to Miss Helen Burger, 527 Washington St. Reward. TIRE CHAIN- -found on Hamilton between 8th and 9th. Finder can have same by applying at Vogt Jewelry Store, 826 Hamilton and paying for this ad.

AUTOMOBILES Automobile Agencies 11A DURANT-'Just A Real Good Car." PEARL MOTOR SALES. 19-21 N. 10th Bell 1748-W MOON MOTOR CAR BOWER KOCH AUTO CO. 921-25 Washington St. Both Phones.

OAKLAND SIX--The car with the 000 mile guarantee. Absolutely the finest light six in the world. Ruhe Motor 702 North Seventh Street. OVERLAND SALES AND SERVICE RITTER YOST, 1411-17 Chew. Bell 1074 WILLYS-KNIGHT DISTRIBUTORS RITTER YOST, 1411-17 Chew 'Bell 1074 Automobiles For Sale 11 CHEVROLET-4-90 Sedan.

All good tires. Parking light. In tip-top mechanical condition. Will sacrifice for $300 cash. Will demonstrate.

Act quickly. Call at 24 South Law St. MAXWELL-1922 touring, same guarantee as new car. Will demonstrate. Price $650.

Easy terms arranged, to reliable party. Act quick. H. R. Leibensberger, 449 N.

Tenth St. MITCHELL-5 passenger, 1917 model. reasonable offer refused. Call at 547 N. 10th St.

SPECIAL USED CAR BARGAINS DODGE -1922 5-passenger touring car, same as new, tor sale at big sacrifice. DODGE -1919 5-passenger touring, fine mechanically and good paint, $350. HANDLE at big KNIGHT-1922 sacrifice. coupe, like new, -Truck, light delivery, 1918 model. Tires and body like new.

Good mechanically. Price, $250. Thirty-four other used cars to select from on terms and prices to suit the buyer. STERLING MOTOR co. 226-228-230 North 8th St.

AUTOMOBILES Automobiles For Sale 11 RITTER YOST'S FEW USED CAR BARGAINS 1919-WILLYS SIX 7 pass. touring in good condition. 1921-FORD sedan. 1917-OVERLAND roadster. RITTERATORAYTO CO.

LOOK LOOK LOOK USED CAR PURCHASERS We have the best stock to Choose, automobile from in the business. history It of 1s your market, the buyer's market, and there are innumerable 80- called used car sales at which you can compare the values being offered. We welcome the comparison. FORD-1923 touring, $300. FORD-1921 sedan, $325.

FORD-1922 coupe, $375. FORD-1919 touring, $76. CHALMERS -1920 coups, $500. CHALMERS-1931 touring, $600. CHEVROLET-1923 F.

B. $554. OAKLAND-1919 touring, $160. OAKLAND-1930 touring, $200. OVERLAND-1922 touring, $376.

DODGE-1920 touring, $275. MITCHELL-1920 roadster, $500. MITCHELL-1919 touring, $300. OAKLAND-1920 coupe, $500. All these cars are in very good condition, repaired and repainted.

The to prove all we say is to BECOME ACQUAINTED with us. Ask for a demonstration of any car we have. Time payments arranged. KLEIN MOTOR CAR CO. 12 N.

11th St, 70 W. Broad Alentown, Pa. Bethlehem, Pa. PRICES REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE 1922 Hudson Sedan, like new. 1922 Jordan Touring, run 2000 miles.

1922 Durant Touring, run 800 miles. 1922 Jewett Touring. Real bargain. 1922 Chalmers Touring. Many extras.

1922 Essex Touring, run 5000 miles. 1922 Olds Touring, almost new. 1921 Nash Touring, like new. 1921 Nash Sport, brand new. 1921 Nash Roadster, brand new.

1921 Franklin Sedan, real bargain. 1920 Nash Sedan, thoroughly overhauled. 1920 Stephens Coupe. Real bargain. $750 Cadillac Touring.

Special bargain. $350-Stewart Truck, 1 ton, repainted. $350-Paige Touring, very powerful. $350-Mitchell Touring, Very powerful. $350-Dodge Touring, thoroughly overhauled.

$300-Chalmers Touring, real bargain. $250-Studebaker Touring, 4 cylinder. $200-Studebaker Touring, 6 cyL $150-Overland Touring, good condition. $125-Overland Roadster. Bargain.

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Exceptional condition. 1920 MAXWELL. Very reasonable. ROADSTERS. 1921 DODGE.

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TRUCKS. 1921 FORD PANEL. 1919 OVERLAND PANEL 1920 FORD OPEN EXPRESS. LINDEN AUTO 24-26 North Tenth Street. Attractive Time Payments.

Open every evening. Auto Trucks For Sale 12 FORD Half tone truck, 1922 model. Pennal delivery body. First class dition. Call at 820 Jackson St.

Auto Accessories 13 AUTOMOBILE OWNERS, gears, new transmissions and differential gears; also used gears for all cars, new and used axles. Guth, the partman, 832 Wanut St. Bell 2351- M. Open evenings. AUTOMOBILE PARTS For used cars.

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BRAND NEW CORD TIRES- At a sacrifice. Have four and two 32x4 tires with tubes. No use for same. Will sell cheap. Box 104, P.

0. Dandelsville, Pa. TIRES TIRES TIRES SACRIFICE TIRES 30x3 $2.50. All larger sizes, $3.50. Any of these used trees, proving satisfactory within one year, return with receipt and get another for half price.

ROYS TIRE STORE, 230 Hamilton St. Garages--Autos For Hire 14 GARAGE -For truck or pleasure car. Allentown Cable and Machine Front Hamilton. GARAGE-1300 sq. centrally located, for rent.

Also house attached if necessary. Apply James Casone, 203 N. 6th. STABLE At 730 Court Street, room for five horses and wagons. Also one garage for one car.

Apply at Radiator Shop, 732 Linden St. AUTOMOBILES Motorcycles and Bicycles 15 BICYCLE- Cheap to quick buyer. 132 Washington city. HENDERSON MOTORCYCLE 1922 model, in good running order. Will sell reasonable.

Apply 535 Park St. Repairing -Service Stations 16 ANTI-FREEZE-For your radiator. Have it filled while you wait. Alientown Storage Battery 531 Walnut St. AUTOMOBILE LAUNDRY Cars washed, polished and greased while you wait.

Tires changed and repaired. Clean carbon, grind valves. Quick service. Rates reasonable. CHAS.

O. PURNELL, 101 Hamilton St Bell phone, 1268-J BUSINESS SERVICE Business Services Offered 18 ARE YOUR MIRRORS damaged? We resilver them at reasonable prices. Allentown Mirror Works, 136 N. Second St. Bell 2050-R.

LUGS MADE From old carpets. Attractive, serviceable. Call for and delivered. Allen-Beth. Rug Works.

Rittersville. Phone Allentown 3133-J. SINK DIGGING Contracts taken in Bethlehem, Catasauqua, Emaus and Allentown. Estimates cheerfully given. Reasonable prices charged.

Write Wm. L. Druckenmiller, 805 Hill St. or call Bell 2452-R Heating, Plumbing, Roofing 22 A BARGAIN--For sale, 25 new government iron recirculating pipeless heaters, 3 sizes. Make your selection now and save J.

August Miller, heating. plumbing and tinning, 423-25 Turner St. Moving, Trucking, Storage 25 BEST EQUIPPED MOVING Storing, crating service in city, by competent men. Diehl's storage house. Lowest rates for long distance hauling.

Both phones. STORAGE WAREHOUSE 226-228-330 N. 8th Allentown. 400 storage rooms under lock and key. EACH ROOM SEPARATE Accessible at any time reasonable rates, WE DO HAULING AND CRATING EXPERT MOVING- Crating, storage.

Pianos moved. Cheapest rates. Reliable Transfer, 309 Boyer St. Bell 2149-R. Lehigh 3256.

LONG DISTANCE HAULING--To any point at any distance. Quickest and best service. Rates reasonable. Inter- State Express, 1120 Fullerton city. Bell phone 2202-Y.

MOVING CRATING -Quick ice. Huth Moving and Storage office 1156 Allen St. Lehigh 6648. Bell 1059. MOVING Local and long distance party hauling--Also 5-ton dump trucking.

R. J. Kistler, 1108 S. 7th St. Lehigh 4166.

MOVING -Local and long distance moving and general hauling. Cheapest rates. Mesaer, 932 N. 5th St. high 6610.

MOVING--And general trucking. Local and long distance. Reasonable rates. F. R.

DeLong Son, 611 Union St. Bell 3198-R. Painting, Papering, Decorating 26 DECORATOR--Fresco artist, painting paper hanging. Decorative Art Studio, show rooms, 129 South Eighth Allentown, 303 Second Slatington. Telephone.

PAINTING and decorating. Estimates cheerfully furnished. Charles W. Kleppinger, 507 North 10th St. Lehigh phone 5297.

PAPERHANGING AND PAINTING If you want good work done "GET THE HOOK" Wm. Hook Son, Whitehall St. Bell Phone 2492-M. Professional Services 28 INCOME TAX REPORTS PREPARED. CRADER HOHL, Room 12, B.

B. Bldg. Open Evenings Bell phone, 1187. Consolidated, 3006 EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted--Female 32 COOK--And girl for general housework. No washing and ironing.

Call 533 4th Catasauqua, Pa. COMPETENT WOMAN- for general housework. No washing. Apply at Kays, 833 Hamilton St, or evenings at 23 South 14th St. EXPERIENCED GIRL Or woman to assist with general housework.

Apply 129 So. 13th St. EXPERIENCED OPERATORS On power sewing machines, for athletic underwear. Best wages in town. Steady work guaranteed.

Extra bonus paid. Body -Friend Underwear 1033 Hamilton St. EXPERIENCED PERSON--for cooking and downstairs work. Foreign preferred. Call Bell phone, Bethlehem 2498.

GIRL Or middle aged woman to assist in general housework. Apply 116 S. 13th St. GIRL- -For housework. High wages.

Aiso woman by day. Steady work. 31 S. 18th St. GIRL -to help with housework.

Only one woman in home. A good home to right party. Apply 633 North Fifth St. GIRL to assist in housework. Apply at Egypt News Agency.

GIRL -Experiencea for general housework. Apply to Mrs. J. S. Carter, 329 Clinton Terrace, Easton, Pa.

GIRLS- Apply Brown's White City Laundry, 10th Chestnut Sts. GIRLS -to work in bindery. Apply to Searle Bachman, Twelfth and Liberty Streets. GIRLS -Over 16 years. Apply Weilbacher Silk Mill, Front Gordon Sts.

HAIRDRESSING COURSE Full course diploma guaranteed within four months Lessons taught by New York graduate. Evening classes. For further information address Rosemont Beauty Parlor, 1629 West Broad, Bethlehem. family. Apply at 218 North HOUSEKEEPER- -Middle-aged woman.

New Allentown. HOUSEKEEPER -Prefers woman with child, about middle aged. Address Box 140, care Morning Call. MIDDLE-AGED LADY- to keep house in family of four. Good home for right party.

A Apply at 703 S. 4th Twelfth Ward, Allentown. MIDDLEAGED WOMAN--For general housework, in family of two. Apply 615 West Broad Bethlehem. Pa.

OUTFIT YOUR HOME wisely and you look through the "Wearing Apa in the classified section, EMPLOYMENT Heip WantedMIDDLE AGED WOMAN--Wanted at the Farmersville Hotel to do general housework. Apply in. person, take Enston locar from Bethlehem, Pa. stops in front of hotel MIDDLE AGED WOMAN For general housework. One that can do plain cooking.

Apply Mrs. Fred Schlaicher, 131 Front Catasanqua, OFERATORS -Wanted. En Broad Employment in experienced Sak Winders. Good pay and expeases. Apply immediately.

E. H. A Slocum Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. PANTRY GIRLS- Wanted at Peters Jacoby Restaurant.


No experience necessary. No canvassing. Work in privacy of your own home. Write for tut particulars and record of other workers. Auto Knitter 630 Genesee Buffalo, N.


PLY TO NATHAIN FURNITURE CARPET 4TH AND BROADWAY BETHLEHEM. STENOGRAPHER with at least sit months experience. SECOND GIRL, for private family, DOWNSTAIRS GIRL for private family, WOMAN to clean by the day. Steady. KITCHEN HELP for institution.

WARD MAIDS for local Institution. HOUSEKEEPER for home in Phisdelphia. HAUSMAN, 524 Hamilton Street. WAITRESS Experienced. Apply at once to Phil's Lunch, 536 Hamilton St.

WAITRESS wanted in private home of one of our officers. Good home and good working conditions. Apply 1m- mediately to Carey Printing OF call Bethlehem 1364-J. WAITRESSES -We have permanent positions for two experienced waitresses. Apply after 10 A.

M. to Mr. Williams. Peters Jacoby's Restaurant. WOMAN- To do washing and ironing.

Must call for and deliver. Apply 1537 Hamilton St. WOMAN- Wanted as roomer. Can work for part payment of her board by helping mistress around the house, Apply 30 Nagle St. rear of Hess Bros.

WOMAN to assist in cleaning two of three days week. Apply at change Hotel, 352 Lehigh St. WOMAN-to assist with house work. Apply 29 South 18th Street. WOMAN- to do small family washing and general housework one day week.

Box 139, Morning Call. WOMAN- to do cooking. Middle aged, good character. Good home and wages. Apply personally, Columbia Hotel, Coplay.

Help Wanted- -Male 33 AUTO MECHANIC -First class, steady work and good money, bring reference. Apply Sellersville Motor Co. 1. Hart, manager. BAR CLERK-Apply Allen House, Northampton, Pa.

BRUSH SALESMEN- Our men make weekly. Get our latest proposition, high quality, lowest prices. clusive territory. Neway Brush Hartford, Conn. BUILDER--to take charge of estimating department and office records of residential work for local builder.

Permanent position with good salary. AdMorning Call. CARPENTERS- 5 or 6. Apply foreman. Peter G.

Moorehead, 219 N. 6th St. CARPENTERS- Several 1st class chanics. Steady work. Apply E.

S. Meckley, near Emaus Junction. CHAUFFEUR--Married man. Good wages to right party. Apply Union Meat Market, 919 Hamilton St.

COAT MAKER--Apply at Broadway 6 Ontario Bethlehem S. S. DISTRICT AGENT- -For accident insurance. Excellent chance for man to enter a profitable business without investment. If your record clean and you will work we will guarantee a big income.

Commercial Casualty Insurance Newark, N. J. -Familiar with mill building construction, and elevating and conveying machinery. Apply by letters or in person to Puller Engineering Fullerton, Pa. DYER- One wno is thoroughly familiar with Skein silk and Skein Mercerisod Cotton Dyeing.


APPLY W. SCHANTZ CO. FRONT TUBNER STS. FARMER- -With family, to work for wages. Apply The Pennebacker Co.


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