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Below Deck

Capt. Kerry trades the Nordic Sea for crystal blue waters and stunning waterfalls as he leads his crew in the rich, historical island of Grenada.

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Latest Episodes

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  • 42:54 S11 - E17End of the Line
  • 42:54 S11 - E67Never Before Scene 1116
  • 42:54 S11 - E16Salt in Chef’s Wounds
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  • 42:54 S11 - E12Bit of an Ick
  • 42:54 S11 - E11Royal Rumble
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  • 42:54 S11 - E57Never Before Scene 1107
  • 42:54 S11 - E7Cat’s Out of the Bag

Below Deck After Show

More Below Deck After Show

  • 2:07 S8 - E7 | Part 1Captain Lee and Eddie Lucas Reveal Which Crew Member Is a Perfect Love Match for Kate Chastain
  • 3:48 S8 - E7 | Part 2Eddie Lucas Was "Wasting His Time" With Shane Coopersmith
  • 1:52 S8 - E7 | Part 3Rachel Hargrove Says Shane Coopersmith "Needs a Swift Kick In the Butt"
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  • 4:06 S8 - E7 | Part 6Captain Lee Rosbach Admits He Would Have Replaced Elizabeth Frankini Over Bleach Incident If He Could
  • 5:30 S8 - E7 | Part 7Izzy Wouters Wishes She Was a Fly on the Wall for THAT Preference Sheet Meeting
  • 1:41 S8 - E7 | Part 8James Hough Will "Never Forgive" Francesca Rubi
  • 1:56 S8 - E7 | Part 9How Did Shane Coopersmith Really Get His Sunshine Nickname?
  • 2:56 S8 - E8 | Part 1Was Francesca Rubi Making Elizabeth Frankini Feel Insecure "As a Way to Control" Her?
  • 3:49 S8 - E8 | Part 2Elizabeth Frankini Says It Was Actually Kind Of Francesca Rubi's Fault That She Forgot the Beach Picnic Rosé
  • 3:12 S8 - E8 | Part 3Eddie Lucas and Captain Lee Rosbach Break Down the Slide Saga That Drove Cap "Overboard"

Latest News

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  • Kate Chastain Reveals New Photos of Her Son: “He Loves the Camera”

    TheBelow Deckalum's son loves being in front of the camera, just like his mama.

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    All aboard! The newest captain certainly made a splash.

Latest Videos

More Videos

  • 1:17 PreviewBen Willoughby and Sunny Marquis Discuss the Future of Their Relationship
  • 1:26 PreviewThe Crew Throws a Beyoncé Party for the Guests
  • 6:36 PreviewStart Watching the Below Deck Season 11 Finale
  • 1:24 PreviewParis Field Calls Nick Tatlock “Unorganized and Useless”
  • 1:05 PreviewFraser Olender to Barbie Pascual: “Get the F*ck Up, Babe”
  • 7:01 PreviewBen Willoughby Is Tired of Captain Kerry's Micromanaging
  • 1:00 PreviewDylan Piérre De Villiers Performs His “Best Dance” for the Charter Guests
  • 7:03 PreviewBarbie Pascual Wonders What Things Will Be Like with Kyle Stillie in "the Real World"
  • 1:13 PreviewKerry Titheradge Is Nervous About Docking in a Tight Space
  • 1:37 PreviewFraser Olender Asks Captain Kerry for Permission to Kiss a Charter Guest
  • 1:22 PreviewDylan Piérre De Villiers Talks About His Life Before Yachting
  • 7:02 PreviewFraser Olender Is Underwhelmed by Nick Tatlock's Food Presentation


  • Kerry Titheradge
  • Cat Baugh
  • Anthony Iracane
  • Sunny Marquis
  • Fraser Olender
  • Xandi Olivier
  • Barbara Pascual
  • Kyle Stillie
  • Ben Willoughby
  • Jared Woodin
  • Dylan Pierre De Villiers
  • Paris Field
  • Nick Tatlock

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About Below Deck

Capt. Kerry trades the Nordic Sea for crystal blue waters and stunning waterfalls as he leads his crew in the rich, historical island of Grenada. A disciplined and fair leader, Capt. Kerry has 30 years of experience working on boats and has spent almost two decades in yachting. As he steps on to St. David for the first time, Capt. Kerry relies on returning crew members Chief Stew Fraser Olender and Ben Willoughby to help the new staff find their way around the massive 197 ft. vessel.

Below Deck | Bravo TV Official Site (2024)


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